So upset what did I do wrong?


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Sep 6, 2011
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Just did a set of flare lashes on a lady and the inner corners were sticking up right really curled in and looked awful! She hated them so I removed them and didn't charge her (don't know if that was the right thing to do but they looked bad) she's never had flare lashes before only semi perm and said they worked well for her but why didn't these? I did everything I usually do, micropore bottom lashes etc. she did have very short inner corner lashes could this be why or did I do something wrong? Feel like crap and I have another set tomorrow so dreading them now!!
What were her natural lashes like? How long have you been doing them for?
If they were quite thin then the flare lashes might be too heavy or you might have put them on at the wrong angle. Best thing i can say is with flare lashes it depends on the clients lashes, sometimes if they are use to semi-perm ones then they dont expect the flares to look the way they do.

But keep your chin up, you did the right thing by taking them off and not letting her leave unsatisfied, if you feel a bit unsure as a friend if you can do a set on them just to show yourself you can do them, and if needs be post a picture on here and ask for feedback

Hope it helps!
Just a thought, I did some express lashes on a case study lady who had tiny lower lashes. I was a bit to causious with the micropore and placed it quite high up the lower lashes. The top inner corner lashes were resting upon the tape which was holding down the bottom lashes.

This caused the natural & express extensions in the upper inner corners to stick up a little.

Do you think it coukd have been something like that?


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