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Sep 8, 2003
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I soaked off a lady's very old extensions the other day and it took soooooo long. I follow Essential's training at the moment [not for much longer - am booking a Creative course!!] and I use wamred acetone, wrap the finger in soaked remover pad, then cover with a strip of foil and then ask lady to sit there with her fingers in the acetone bowl.

It takes such a long time and if I'd have had another lady booked in later, I would have been in difficulties.

What do you all do? Am I using the right method. I'm going to soak my own off toinight and I want the chance to go to bed before 3 am!!!

Hi Carol,
usea quick soak bowl, soak the nails for about 15 mins then rub over them with a tissue, another 10 mins in soak and they are off.
The bowl is from
Hi, dont know if it helps, but if you look at a recent thread about a Sonic Enhancement remover, Ruth recommends the Quicksoak Bowl (13.99) from Natural Nails by Fiona.

I have ordered this, and it has arrived, I will be using it 2moro! Will report back, but Ruth has suggested it. Fiona's email address is on that message.

Good luck. :D


PS The time thing is why I purchased this!!! :D
What type of nails are you all soaking off here??

It has never taken me longer than 20 minutes to soak off a set of nails I have applied and I haven't used any 'fancy shmancy' equipment other than a bowl of product remover set in another bowl of nice hot water to keep it warm during the process. client's nails go in and then a nice fluffy towel tucked in around the bowl and hands and the instruction "no looking' for 15 minutes!! I then uncover the nails which are now all nicely swelled up and like jelly ... quick scrape off of the jelly ... client washes ... we prep and away we go!
Thanks everyone for your help.
I am definitely going to treat myself to the quicksoak.
Geeg, I am soaking off acryclic - stuff I applied myself so I am not soaking off anyone else's. I am using the bowl within a bowl but I find the water goes cold so quickly. Also, I have not used the towel to cover which I think could make all the difference so that's a must. I also massage the whole nail and tip of finger with oil before I start - as per instructed by the course leader - is this a good practice or does it impede the process????
Thanks everyone again for your invaluable help and advice

Get the quick soak bowl from Fiona, i did use the bowl method to start, , quicksoak is by far best, fill with warm tap water, put the lid on, fill the two dips with acetone, hands in and off you go D
Sounds like this 'bowl' holds the water underneath in a container just like the 'two bowl' method but it sounds a cool idea though not necessarily any quicker. Still don't forget tucking in the client's hands with a nice fluffy towel. This achieves 3 things. 1. the client can't keep looking and checking the progress of her nails. 2. It reduces vapours. 3. It keeps the heat in longer

If you are using product remover rather than pure acetone (and I hope you are) then there is no need for oil to protect the skin. Professional product remover already has skin protectors in it as the acetone is 'chemically buffered' to reduce the drying effects of the acetone. (this is why it is more expensive than just pure acetone which should be for industrial use and not used on human skin.
Yes Geeg,
I am using a product remover and not pure acetone so I can forget the oiling first.
I am pretty sure the towel is going to make all the difference
Well love I use the quick soak off bowl, as I found it nice and easy to use, but used to use the bain marie method, bowl in water and bowl with product remover,
But still cover the clients hands with a nice thick towel and I make sure they don't peek..............Now I use Fabric# and it soaks of pretty smartish, but have used it over and over again for acrylic removals....
I also get them, once the product looks like cottage cheese, to take out one finger at the time and i scrape that off, otherwise by the time i get to little beggar no. 10 it's hardened again...........

just a thought

love Ruth xxx
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