Some advice please on a bruised nail


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Sep 24, 2009
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A lady has booked me today for her wedding in august.
2 months ago she was breaking up a fight between her dogs & got bit in her thumb causing a bruise
Just below the bruise it looks like there is a new nail growing & I said her nail may fall off due to the trauma, if it doesn't would it be ok to put a thin overlay on this nail?


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My husband had a similar situation with his toe recently, and yes as it grew up, part of the nail did fall off. Being a bloke he didn't care, but I did offer him an overlay lol!

I would say there should be no problem with an overlay on this.
Just be careful insurance-wise!

A bruised nail is contra-indicated for enhancements., and that is a bad bruise. August is a long way off.
I would wait and see what happens.
My boyfriends dad did the same to his thumb in a door and it took about 3 months for the old nail to fall off and a new one to start growing properly. I told him it'd fall off and he didn't believe me lol typical men.

I wouldn't put any sort of overlay on that unless it has grown out sufficiently and then I would probably only put normal polish on. See how she is in August :) x
Yes this is classed as a contraindication and if she was my client, I would say exactly what Geeg has said "August is a long way off yet and the nail will grow out".
There is 3 full months plus a bit extra until August and by then most, if not all the bruise will have gone but the old nail should be nearly grown out and you should be able to then put an overlay on it but I wouldn't just yet.

Advise her to use Solar Oil or whatever brand of cuticle oil you use at least a few times a day, especially at night when she goes to bed and this will ensure her new nail is healthy.
If the nail is still on by her wedding I will use polish & try to disguise the bruise x
My daughter got her thumb stuck in the front door, bleed everywhere and the nail stayed on for almost 3 months before finally falling off. When It dod come off there was almost a full nail underneath, her finger looked so much better when it went, there are ridges in the nail plate that are slowly growing out.
With your client hopefully the nail will fall off then she can start a new, keeping her nail that is there now protected is also a good idea, Amie's was bandaged till it came off on its own,which also protected the new nail. Our doctor told us to keep it protected and change the dressings every day.

As they say time heals all, and its with nails too

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