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Jul 14, 2011
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.....out of something bad.

As people have probably seen on the news, Claire Squires died at the age of 30 on Sunday whilst doing the marathon.
I didn't know Claire and I have no idea whether she was a member (or not) of this forum, however she was a hairdresser who was raising money for others and it struck me that she might be someone whose posts that I/we have read. In this case she was running for the Samaritans.
It just struck me that people might want to make a donation and help make something good happen out of something bad.
There are 536 people on-line at the time of writing this, if everyone donates a minimum of £1 by gift aid this will raise another £670......... (apologies if the maths is wrong!)

Claire Squires is fundraising for Samaritans
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Just marking this for later x
im going to bump this aswell, the page is really slow obviously with the amount of traffic going thru it x my heart goes out to her friends and family xoxo
How sad...just donated..xx
I feel so sad for her family and friends, so tragic :(
Literally takes 2 minutes to donate xx
Well done OP
Bumping up
I'm bumping this up too.x

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