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Oct 12, 2003
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north Devon
Hi everyone, been playing today - if you have Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers - can this one be Over the Rainbow? Don't know how it will come out but there is Gold, Silver, Pink, Purple and Green glitter in there! :thumbsup:

OK, can't add picture, if anyone wants to see it let me know how to show it to you! :frust:

While I am here I would just like to wish everyone (including me) good luck with their Masters tomorrow!

:!: then :hic:
Good luck with your masters Kim :D
Thanks Cutie, I am happy to say we all passed! :D

Debs has very kindly offered to post my picture, I have just emailed it to her so watch this space as they say. :thumbsup:

Bought the metro powders today, so am looking forward to playing some more! :rainbow:
Congrats on your Masters...........
Well done !!!!
love Ruth xxx
Well Done on your masters :thumbsup:
Thanks for all your messages (wish I was Master of my pc :rolleyes: )

Debs has now put my 'Over the rainbows' on her website and I am going to attempt to put them here. Although I bought the Metros yesterday and wow I am really impressed nothing can do them justice until you have seen them in real life. (Liked yours Sarah - kool 8) ). I think I may well be updating the rainbow.

[/url] Hope it worked. :?
Debs has managed to get the picture on here it is on the Chatter forum.

Thanks Debs you're a star! :thumbsup:
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