Sore dry skin-help Im new!


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Luby Lewis

Nov 20, 2007
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Melksham, Wiltshire
I am doing manicure and qualify in January but am practising on friends at the moment. Im doing my friend on Sat morning and she has dry sore hands. She had a baby 10 months ago and says she is constantly washing her hands, probably not drying them properly and sometimes forgetting to use a hand cream. I advised her to invest in a good handcream and apply it before bed and wear gloves. Also advised to dry hands thoroughly and apply cream. I suppose its hard when shes changing the baby etc. The doctor prescribed her an emolient cream and she swears to me its not exzema. Can anyone sugest anything at all to help her before I see her on Saturday? Thanks girls/guys and loving this site by the way-its fabulous!!
A paraffin wax treatment would help :hug:
I agree with Weezie that a paraffin wax treatment would help, but if they are that bad then 1 will not do the trick, she will probably need a regular course of them!
Then I would say a moisturising manicure, like CND Spa Manicure, and maybe swapping the finishing lotion with Solar butter, as that is intesive moisture.
Also the weather will not be helping matters, as it is so cold, a hand lotion/moisturiser MUST be part of a routine if you want soft hands.

I give myself a monthly Spa Manicure, a weekly basic manicure and also use Solar Butter, solar oil and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my hands daily.

hth's xxx:hug:
:)Hi!.. I would definately recommend using CND's Solar Manicure system. A quick 1 step manicure programme, with dead sea salts and the fantastic blend of natural oils. It penetrates the skin very easily and leaves soft and moist. Finish off with SolarButter a rich lotion, with same ingredients!

Gotta love it!

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