sorry for so stupid question


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawadee ka

i sorry ask stupid question sometimes i want ask something but i no ask but if i no ask i no learn.

I before i have baby can grow beautifull nail my own and my nail look very very beautifull i learn about acylic nail because 1 day i break nail and lady who go work norway make me 1 acrylic nail look same the one i have i grow i very happy .

I look many many photo internet and in book rhonda send to me this my question please .

I see in company show photo of nail can be made with them product but when i look i can see is acylic nail some nail company show photo i not want my hand for free .

I like when i see photo and can not know if acrylic or lady grow her hand herself nail look very beautifull .

I see in book nail pro june 2002 lady have marry and have nail with mosaic twilght powder /perfect color white powder /retention and liquid this nail very very beautifull and i think the number 1 nail i see in all the time i look nail young people same me i think if you look very good for you .

The nail ruth make red nails i like too much same the 1 i grow before nail look like real lady nail .

i very sorry my question am i think right that nail good acylic look beautifull and like real and not like i see some photo and look like lady have big and look not real and can see acyrlic.

And sorry is this what makes a number 1 nail tech because them can make the beautifull look real nail .

Sorry i long time kop khun ka mui
yes Mui, you are correct, Number 1 nail technicians can make acrylic nails look real.

It is all about good training and great products.
It astounds me how many horrible looking nails there are in some of the photos that the nail companies use presumably to get us to buy their products!!!

I can think of one in the magazines at the moment where the nails are polished with a pearlized brownish colour and you can see every lump and bump on every surface ... terrible. That photo wouldn't sell me anything.

What the public wants are beautiful, natural-looking gorgeous thin and strong nail enhancements that LAST. Not thick, bulbous, yellow falsies that scream "I'm wearing FALSE NAILS"

So you are right, Mui. And that should be your goal to give your clients nails that look real. Nothing stupid about that question at all. It makes perfect sense to me.
Sawadee ka

Kop khun ka for speak to me .

Geeg i think maybe it good if some body show photo nail you have in magazine lady have pink nail hold telephone very beautifull and some more .

I have lucky i see now maybe good idea if have geek and every body can see photo and for girl learn new same me .

I think them photo number 1 nail i see for sure .

Kop khun mak mak a ka mui
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