Spoon nails & gel polish


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Hi everyone,

My client has just cancelled her future appointments as her gel polish has chipped after 3 and a half days.

Her nails are almost spoon like and she told me when doing them that they aways seem to chip.

I use opi gelcolor and am just starting out so it's upset me a little bit as I feel it's something I've done wrong.

I've offered to re-do.the chipped nails for free (she only paid £10).

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Firstly don't get disheartened. My daughter has spoon shaped nails or ski jump as I like to call them and she wears gel polish just fine. Acrylics however are a different thing altogether.

A little bit of advice.
1. Make sure your prep is perfect. No cuticle left and nails fully dehydrated before putting on gel.
2. Make sure gel has not shrunk away from free edge. Mthis usually happens either when you've not entirely covered the nail bed and free edge in base coat or you have not shaken or stirred your gel enough.
3. Make sure you completely cover nail bed and free edge with the top coat otherwise your colour coat will chip away.

4. Finally I believe your client said her nails always chip I think that's what I read so sometimes you can't do anything. I can wear shellac for 6 weeks and grow it off my nails. Some of my clients get 6 days :irked: nothing I can do about it. I treat them all the same its just down to their nails.

Keep your chin up chick and I will do you a favour ive ordered some Gel ll for just these type of clients once I have tried it out on them I'll let you know how I get on.