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Mrs kirkham

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Oct 29, 2011
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Hi im new to spray tanning and i have the maxi mist lite machine i did my first tan today and found i got alot of overspray even with an extractor fan im wondering where my nozel should be for how much solution should be coming out as im not sure as it has no indication to tell you where it is or where it should be also im wondering if i need to stand closer its just if i do i soak them threw so do i need t be spraying less solution and standing closer i would appreciate any advice as im freaking out thanks
The MaxiMist Lite is not really for professional use :/ It sounds like you may need to invest in a professional machine and some training.

If you want to keep going with what you've got, I'd suggest calling whoever sold you that machine for advice on adjusting it. But I'd be very wary about using that as your main machine if you're planning on doing spray tanning professionally.
Have you had any training hun? They can show you how to adjust the dial on your gun until you get the correct amount of spray coming out. The solution should be coming out in a fine mist and should have hardly any overspray and the client should not have any drips or solution gathering on them, just a fine mist that you can just about see. If you can see a black dial on the back of your gun, turn it until its fully closed (so no solution is coming out) then keep turn it the other way slowly until you get the fine mist (you may want to practice on a sheet of couch roll or kitchen towel first).
Hi i have had my training but there machine was very diffrent so i was freaking out i did close it fully and open it slowly till there was a fine mist coming out and im goin to stand closer than i was i am going to practice on my sister tomorrow im feeling confident that it will be fine i was told when i bought this machine that it was a professional machine and my trainer said it was a good one ill only be doing max 5 tans a week n thats hopefully lol thanks for your advice :lol:
Yes it should be fine to do two or three tans in a row at a push but a few a week should be ok as long as you give the machine time to cool down in between.

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