Spray tan doesn't stick to top lip


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Jul 4, 2011
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Only recently I've found that when I have a spray tan it never sticks to my top lip, ive never had problems before. it either goes white or goes green? Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do to stop it? xxxxx
Hi Bella, I have the white lip problem. It is because I perspire on my top lip sometimes even as the tan is being done, so of course the tan doesn't take.

If it is green, it signals that there is another chemical on the skin before the tan, maybe moisturiser. This is why waxing s not advised before a tan amongst other reasons. You cant apply after wax as it would go green. Hth xx
Oo, thanks very much! Is there anything that can be put on before it? Ive started wearing a light layer of foundation it seems to make my tan sit more even too & covers the top lip! Lol, thanks very much too. xxxxxx
Generally you should not put any products on the skin before hand so don't try putting anything on it. Just make sure you're not sweating before the tan is applied.

Even things like if you have make up on before the tan and then remove with a wipe or any other chemical, this could be causing the green reaction.
So many ofmy clients ask for a wipe before a tan to wipe away their deodorant and i explain this will just add more chemicals.

Don't put any products on the skin the day of your spray tan and see if this helps.
Just out of interest, did noone tell you this when you did your spray tan training? Xxx
Yeah I been told all that lol, but ive started putting light layer of makeup on before it & it has worked. I'm just too fussy lol thanks anywhoo xxxxx
Cant really help on the sweating theory although I believe sweat can also make a tan appear green as well as products. You probably know this but just incase I advise clients not to have a hot drink whilst tan develops as this effectively steams the top lip. Hope you find your solution x

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