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Nov 17, 2013
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Staveley, Chesterfield
Hi, I'm new on this forum :) I am a home based beautician for about a year, I started as a nail technician and now I'm doing also eyelash extensions and spray tan :) I would like to put a spray tan parties in my offer but I'm not sure how does it look lol. I would be greatful for ANY information and advice ;) What to do if girls want to have different colours?? Do i need to clean machine then?? Sorry for silly questions but I really don't know much about it :Grope:
I have advertised spray tan parties and done it mobile but found that they have a few too many wines and spill it down themselves and wake up with a patchy tan - maybe recommend that if they do have it to limit the drink and just use it as a good (sober) catch up with friends!

My spray tans are normally £15 but I offer them for £10 with a min of 4 people getting a tan. You can be in and out in an hour for 4 people.

You could say something along the lines of "Spray tan parties: have a get together with friends, get the perfect tan and save money! Only £10 each. Min 4 people" when advertising. No need to say too much more.

You should have a range of colours anyway so take them all with you. No need to fully clean the gun out - rinse out the cup etc but don't take it all apart. Spray onto a tissue as normal to test the colour before using on client and it'll clear out any of the prev colour left in.
That's great thank you :), can I also ask you- what is the max number of people you had in spray tan party?
I use fake bake - my tans are £20 each ....
If there are 6 or more the host gets hers either for £10 or free if there are more than 8 ....
Iv never had anyone go patchy etc but most tanning parties iv done are for events ie weddings hen parties ascot etc and they are usually in the week thurs or fri they're not out to party hard that night...
Good profit as I'm usually there no longer than 2 hours, I get them in and out my tent quite quick and then leave them all catching up.

Most iv had was a party of 11 people for a wedding ...


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I've done spray tan parties. In summer I tend to say but on fave holiday tunes, and a few nibbles etc. At one the host had Spanish music and tapas and all the girls were sat round in their dressing gowns and were squealing at the end comparing white bits.
As regards to different shades I take extra cups and write the % on them. Makes it easier. Give everyone consultation card to fill in while setting up. If you can start off with 8% and get all the 8s in first then it saves swapping colours so much. Ideal but there's usually always someone who has to leave early and has to go first and wants darker :)
Enjoy it. I love them it's fun and can be hard work. I did 12 on the trot one evening.
Maria x

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