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Feb 3, 2011
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I have called my rep, the maintinece team and st tropez themselves and noone has got back to me today and im now away frm salon till weds.. So help please lol not hugely impressed with there customer service..

The problem is the bottom of the booth where the clients stand is really slippy after even one spray of tan, ive had no option but to put a towel down as im at the point where its now dangerous!!

Is this something im doing??
I clean with soap and water at the end of every day, i use sticky feet and the booth is also only two weeks old..

Is it me?? Is it the gun?? Is it the booth??

The rep muttered something about the gun before saying she would get back to me which she hasnt!!
Tans are coming out perfect btw!!

It could be too much overspray have you tried changing the settings
it could be over spray but what i did as i have the portable verso 1 is saved money and not bought sticky feet as they wear falling off an people where slipping what i do is i apply st tropez remover on the soles of their feet an i dunno i think the mini grains stop them from slipping an sliding then when i finish when u usually remove the stick feet i re-apply sum move tan remover then with an alcohol wipe i wipe an take off the tan remover an it just stops their soles getting tan on hope this helps :biggrin:
Thankyou for your reply.. I have had a reply from st tropez and they have said there is a fault with the bottom of the booth and it is causing them to slip, they are sending me a new one asap so fingers crossed that will make a big difference as i was worried it was the overspray aswell!! X

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