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Dec 15, 2009
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I would like to buy a stamping kit. I am getting lots of requested for different colors and designs. Lots more then I thought I would. Easiest thing I think to start off with would be a stamping kit, but wanted to know if you could use it with uv gel nails.
Hi There!!

Yes, you can certainly use the stamping kit with UV Gels!!
I have a Konad stamping kit and I use it all the time with my gels!
cam you tell me the steps to apply nail art? Is it before the top coat?
If I am using the stamps I finish the nail re-fine it add the art and then when dry use a U.V top coat over it , you do need to be sure with your client that they are happy to wear it for a few weeks though as once it is on under the UV top coat they will have to;
1) come back to you for it to be removed
2) wait till there next in-fill/re-bal
3)hide it under a polish.
If they want it to be less permanent then use a normal top coat with them .
I use Konad stampers on my gel nails all the time. Just make sure you to use Konad nail polish as other brands won't be as thick and will run or show up light.

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