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Jun 14, 2004
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Bristol, England
Hello everyone

I have just passed my star nails gel extensions course but now i seem to have a problem and i hope its with the gel and not something i am doing wrong.

When i first apply the gel it looks normal, but then once it comes out from under the lamp and i use the uv wipe it looks patchy and it has big shiney patches on it.

I showed this to my trainer during my practical exam on wednesday and she could not advise me. :o

It happens if i put the gel on thick and when i put it on thin. Has anyone else had a similar problem with this gel??

This is really knocking my confidence as a newby and would really appreciate any advice any one may be able to give me on this.

Also, how do i go about getting insurance and roughly how much will i be paying??


Brooke xx
Sounds to me as if the gel is not curing completely under the UV lamp. Maybe new bulbs are needed. Patchyness = incomplete cure.
Has Geeg has said it can be caused by incomplete curing. Also make sure that the gel is covering the whole of the nails because some gels can run and leave patchs.
Also surface contamination prior to gel application, contaminants prohibiting bonding during curing.........
Make sure your surface is oil and dust free............
Cleanser/primer might not have dried completly.
How do you prep and cleanse and prine the nails?
Thanks guys..

My light box is brand new so im not sure it could be that but i will leave it to cure for longer and try that.

I prep by sanitizing myself and my client, removing cuticles from the nail plate, taking the shine off with a 240 grit file then dehydrating the nail before i apply the tips. It seems to happen on all of the nails tho, not just the odd one...

Thanks for all of your advice on this tho!!

Can anyone help regarding insurance? I dont know where to start looking.

hi proffessional beauty is good cover i think it is something like £42 for nail tec cover, hth
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