Starting in make up, what to buy?


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Apr 13, 2012
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Hiya I am due to do a make up course in a few weeks and we have been asked to bring our own make up. I've been looking through beauty express and salons direct but have no idea what will be best! To many choices lol

The course is make up for all occasions so I'll need a bit of everything.

What would be best for starting out? X
MAC is a big fav among MUAs. Bobbie Brown, SugarPill, NYX, Max Factor etc. There are many, but it really all comes down to personal preference and what you are going to be using them for.
I'm hoping to start getting into bridal make up as I work alongside a hair dressing salon. But also I'd be looking to do make up for special occasions maybe at like Xmas for work nights out etc. x
I would suggest looking at superdrug - they have MUA which does really nice eyeshadows an lipsticks, Sleek which make fab eye palettes and gosh who have a lovely range.

For foundation I would recommend NYX for liquid and art deco if you are looking for a mineral powder ( which my brides LOVE)

Also, benefit make a fab primer and concealer as well as lots of other amazing goodies.

Pro make up shop online for all of your disposables and if you are looking for starter brushes I cannot recommend E.L.F. Studio brushes enough. Also HD powder and setting spray from elf are really good.

Good luck with your course - with building your kit you can easily go into the thousands, or you can learn to use your products to the best of your ability, adding more as you go.

Remember - it's about quality over quantity, you might not have the biggest kit but you know how to use it you WILL work!!
Artdeco do professional kits at good prices. I wouldn't get cheap drug store products you want to make a good impression to new clients, I got my first full kit and brushes from artdeco and have added slowly to it now carry alot of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Lancome etc

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