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I’m hoping to start up my own mobile business when everything has calmed down with Covid-19 and was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for me? I’m fully qualified and have worked in spas for around 5ish years but everything is starting to seem really overwhelming with mobile business’s. What brands would everyone recommend? I’m Jessica and O.P.I trained? Skincare wise I have no idea where to go I’m Elemis and ESPA trained but unfortunately they don’t supply to mobile technicians are there any brands that do?

Any advise would be hugely appreciated!

Thankyou in advance!x


I worked mobile for a time. It wasn’t for me unfortunately.
I would say to make sure that you are on time for clients and to make sure they are actually in. I had some issues with people coming home late from work so I was sitting around which was unfair for me.
Have Instagram and a Facebook I’ve as it’s harder to promote yourself since you don’t have an actual shop front. Show photos of things you do :)
I used Eve Taylor and clients loved it. They do a few packages and it’s not overly expensive to buy in.
Good luck.
I am sure you will get some positive and negative stories about mobile xx

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I would highly recommend Medik8 from skinbrands, training available retail opportunities for clients, spa facials and peels available.
Good luck