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Jun 18, 2007
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Having trouble deciding on a facial range. Seeing the Dermalogica rep soon and I know how much that is going to be, as I am possibly having a salon up and running within the next 2 mths, I dont want to scrimp but I have to be practical with the costs as well. Does anyone have a less well known range and a more expensive range? Help I am so confused, so much to do and so much choice!!!! I am going to the gmex show in Oct so I know I will get an idea then but I would like to get everyones thoughts, thanks in advance
Hi Teresa

I use the Germaine de Capuccini range of skin care and I things its fab and so does my cleints. They will be at Gmex so have a nice chat to Julie or Carol and I am sure they will give you a lovely gift pack for you to try some products.

The opening order amount is so much of an issue as some of the bigger companies but the quality of the products is lovely.
Environ for me every time:) all the way for me.... best thing to do is sample different ranges see what bests suits you, you cannot go for what ppl just recommend here, we are all different
I've got to second Environ, I've used Md Formulations & Dermalogica in the past and i've got to say i love everything about Environ from the products to the training. You get good results and quality products. all the way for me.... best thing to do is sample different ranges see what bests suits you, you cannot go for what ppl just recommend here, we are all different
I couldn't agree more with this,it's so true.Get as many testers as you can,I had loads before I chose,also cost is such an important part of it,when we first set up it's not easy to spend loads on what we want.

Personally,I couldn't afford to spend mega bucks on a facial range,and tbh I am glad I didn't as I still havn't got many clients for the mobile business,saying that though,I havn't really tried as had an accident and was unable to work for some time,also moved house so just havn't had the time to focus on building up.

Maybe go with something cheaper(Eve Taylor is great,but so are many others)Once you build up your clientelle perhaps go for a more well known brand or maybe you will be happy with what you have chosen.Either way you havn't jumped in feet first.HTH:hug:
I had the same dilemma when I started out last year so I went to the Professional Beauty show at excel and went to EVERY skincare house there. A few simple questions will help you to narrow out the ones that you could go with e.g. how much to open an order! Carita's opening order value is £10k and Elemis will not accept you if you have less than 3 treatment rooms so it does not take long to come away with a shortlist of those that you like or can afford (and arms full of samples!).

All the reps will then visit you at your salon or home to go through more detailed questions you should have e.g. is there a minimum order value to keep account open, how much marketing support can I have. Ask the same questions to each rep then it's just a case of try the products & compare notes. The ones I shortlisted from the show ranged from £750.00 to £3000.00 for an opening order that included professional and retails products including training.

Just on a personal note, I chose Thalgo in the end. It was not the cheapest but it won hands down as it's a fantastic product and I don't regret spending that bit extra!

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