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Hey everyone, so I am a qualified beauty therapist and have been thinking of getting back into it after having a 2 year break and moving, I want my business to be from my house. I want to start up as cheaply as possible and am thinking of using Eve Taylor as have had training with them in the past, any other recommendations would be lovely, what things do you think I'd need and what about pricing? I really want to do this but have no idea where to start. Thank you.


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You’ve not mentioned it, but have you already checked with your local council about what permissions you might need, plus agreement from your mortgage company or landlord. Also your household insurer, particularly if you will be operating from a room in your home rather than a separate building outdoors.

Once you’ve got all your permissions in place, then start on your business plan.

Hey @BeautyQueen28
Congratulations on taking the big first step and deciding to open a new business; opening a beauty therapy salon in your home is a great idea! With a great business also comes great marketing and exceptional customer outreach, and although this is a bit more down the road in terms of things on the to-do list, I highly recommend a blog pertaining to How to Market Your Salon!

It's a great read and has exceptional advice!

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I work from home and love it. My advice would be to make your space as professional as possible. You didn't say if you have dedicated space or if you will be working out of a room in your house?
As for pricing you need to work out your outgoings / expenses and costs of each treatment, so you can figure out what your profit is and how much you want to earn from each treatment. It can be helpful to see what other therapists locally are charging (although this doesn't mean you need to charge what they do!). My biggest tip is not to undersell yourself. I charge similar to local salons and I'm always busy. I provide a very good service and use great products so I charge what I feel I'm worth, regardless of the fact that I work from home- which actually a lot of my clients love as there is parking at the door, continuity and privacy. I also never see clients back to back (I have 15-30 minutes in-between) which allows me to be set up for them and always ready as soon as they walk thorough the door. Good luck!