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Jan 12, 2013
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We are a new salon and are trying to decide to go phd or conventional waxing. I've read a previous thread on here about the pros and cons, but I can't decide.

When people say phd is more expensive than conventional, are we talking 20p a client or £5 a client?

I've used PhD for the last 5 years and love the system. I can't help with your price comparison to regular pot waxing as the last time I used pot and spatula was over 8 years ago! I know some people struggle getting used to brow waxing with PhD. If you have any questions I will try and help :)
I use the phd system and I get on quite well with it. Only thing is I get through the tubes quite fast. With regards to brow waxing I use the small plastic spatulas and just squeeze wax from the tubes which is the easiest way to do brows.
Have you tried it at all or seen it in action? Maybe see if someone locally uses this system and book yourself in for a wax? Some therapists are happy to talk to others about treatments and costs, I know I am.:wink2:

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