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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
I just received my results from my state board test. I PASSED! :flower: I was expecting to fail. It is VERY unusal to get them back so soon. It normally takes 6 weeks. It's been 12 days. So when I saw the envelop I just knew I failed. I almost :pukeoff: I actually made a 90%. :goal:

I thought I would just share the news with this half of the world the rest will know soon enough. :D
CONGRATS!!! :D Best of luck :!:
That is so awesome!!! Isn't it great to know you have accomplished that? Holding that license in my hand was priceless.
Ok I have to tell you all a story about my practical joker husband...

I took the state boards with 4 other techs who were in the same class as me. On all the tests we were given (in beauty college) I graduated with a 99.8% (Milady screwed
Anyway..we all take the written test. I have memorized the Milady text book frontways and backwards...I know every single nail disease, every single onychia word...EVERY thing.

Awhile goes by and I am waiting for the results... My husband gets home before me on the day my results come in... He calls me on my cell to tell me that I did not get a very good score. But I did pass.

So I call everyone else to see what they got on their score..they all got somewhere in the 90's. I am freakin out because I barely got a passing score.. I am talking for two hours to everyone my instructor..just really upset that I got such a low score. This may come as a big surprise to you all...but I really like to get the best score...I know..shocker.. ;)

So I am whining to my husband.."but I just don't get it..I am smarter than that" :aww: then for some husband starts cracking up! He pulls out my real test results...they were much much better. He had scanned and copied and printed up a phony test result..with the state seal and everything to play a joke on me, because he knows how much I wanted to get a perfect score. That dork...he laughed hysterically for hours...I had to call everyone back and tell them my real score... He still loves to tell that story.

If I had been humble I would have been happy to get the passing score...but no, guess my husband knows the real me too! ack!
I passed today!!!! Very funny story Christie! :D I dont know my score yet though. I wish i had a camera to snap a shot of my husbands face today when he saw i passed. That smile was priceless! Made me feel very good to see him so proud of me :D
It's about time we all celebrate ourselves, don't you think :hic:

:bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:
Terrific news Gail and Misty .... well DONE! That's one big hurdle over! :goal:

Well done the two of you :thumbsup:
and all the best for the future :sunny:

Take care Dawnie x
Thanks!! :D Im very happy and proud of myself!

Congratulations you two!!
:salute: :salute: :thumbsup:
Thanks guys/gals are so sweet!
Congrats to the both of you, well done.
love Ruth xxx :D ;) :D
seriously good news - now you can nail the industry :shock: lol!!!
well done guys :D
well done to you both

:salute: :salute:
Congraaaaatulationnnnnnnnsss!!! Very well done :D

Sam..I see you have adopted MY word!! ;) !! CHICHA!!

Congratulations to you both!!! Isn't it a fabulous feeling?? :goal: I remember sitting and watching for the mail every day!!! I was sooooo glad that I passed. In Texas, they just let you know that you either passed or failed. You are NEVER told your score. Some ways it's good others it's bad!! Still kinda drives me nuts!!! lol Oh well, just glad I passed am and happy to be a NAIL TECH!!!! wooo hoooo!!! Welcome the the Nail Tech Sisterhood!! :queen:
LayStar said:
Sam..I see you have adopted MYword!! ;) !! CHICHA!!xxlaylaxx

But of course :flower: :blackeye: ;)
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