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May 1, 2013
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Hi Guys,
I have just tried a solution that was very sticky and took a long time to dry. When I asked my old company why this is they asked does it have Aloe in the ingredient list...I checked and yes it does contain aloe vera. Has anybody had this problem as I am now staying with my old tan now as it drys alot quicker.
I use LA Tan & that has Aloe Vera in it & I don't find it sticky & it dries quickly too.

How much of the new solution did you apply?
Used St Tropez for years and it contains aloe vera and I've never had any problems with stickiness or drying.

Oops, just noticed 'spray'. Wasn't spray I used but lotion.
I have an air compresssor style gun so I only eva use 40-50 ml per spray....when trialling a new solution I always spray less as I dont know what it is I dont think the application was heavy. The solution I use doesn't have aloe so maybe i am just use to this style of fact i hardly ever dry off as it seems to dry asap.
It was noticably more wet than i am use too.... The look of the tan is good....just waiting for the wear off to decide. xx

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