Still using too much solution, what am i doing wrong?


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Nov 18, 2009
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I've been tanning since june but still seem to be using around 60-75mls of solution per tan.

I'm using sienna x solution and have a maximist machine. My clients are not dripping in solution, occasionally I have to dry an odd patch when spraying but this is not the norm. I dont know what im doing wrong, my clients have all been happy with their tans. I have tightened the dial where the tan sprays out of as tight as it will go.

Any ideas to reduce my solution usage would be great, ive a party next week for 8 so really want to sort this before then,

AJ x
are you tightening the dial at the back of the gun?? I usually close mine completely after cleaning it so the trigger can't be pulled at all, then when i'm ready to tan i open it up about a quarter turn and i usually use about 35 - 40mls
Yes defo turn your gun right down. Your trigger should just make a small click noise rather than be able to be pulled fully back. This stops the needle moving so far back the gun and too much solution escaping.

If your still getting problems after turning the dial down, check your needles actually visable at the end of the gun. Sometimes this gets stuck and allows too much solution to escape. This will be the problem if solution is being sprayed even when your not pulling the trigger.

Also to prevent your clients getting too wet, work faster and pull away from the body slightly. Two fine coats it far better than 1 thick one.

Thankyou, which dial should i be adjusting?! im adjusting the one at the front of the gun, i didnt think the one by the trigger did anything :eek:, i couldnt remember that bit from my training and i have stupidly mislaid my gun instructions x
yep the dial right at the back of the gun controls how much solution will come out, the dial at the front is just for the direction the tan will be sprayed! If you tighten the dial right at the back untill you should hardly be able to pull on the trigger. I would suggest getting some kitchen roll in your tent to spray so you know how much you want it open, i do quarter of a turn but i've got a friend that does half a turn and still only uses the same amount as me, then whatever you find to be the best spray speed for you then use a tiny bit of nail varnish on that point so you know what position is best for the next time :) i hope i've made sense i'm rubbish at trying to explain things
That explains it perfectly, i feel a complete doughnut now trying to adjust the wrong dial!!! :eek:

AJ x
have you been back in touch with sienna and asked for some advice? they do say i'm sure in some info i have read of theirs that if you are using more than such an amount after so long then get in touch and they'll help you. you've got nothing to loose by giving them a call and customer service is fabulous as you know. x

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