Strip or bleach bath?


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Apr 6, 2010
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Hi,I'm hoping to colour my sisters hair for her,she's a base 5 but has several red/plum box dyes on her hair and now quite faded,lm looking to keep her these colours but more vibrant and shiny.I was looking at a 55/65 koleston but Im wondering will I need to strip it first because of the box dyes and the chances of metallic salts being present? and if I do this will I need to use a lighter base i.e 77/65 so it won't be as dark? Or would a bleach bath work the same? I was going to put a few flashes through it too to give a few lighter pieces am I best using a colour touch for these? Sorry for all the questions but I'm still training and getting my head round colour theory TIA x
I dont use Wella Koleston but before you do anything it would be best to do a test strand,then why dont you get her to come to college that way you have got the backing of your tutor, colour correction dosnt always go to plan, and it helps to build your confidence.
Thanks, yeah I was thinking best to do an incompatibility test first,I can't do her at college as she works full time and can't get in so this was going to be some extra practice for me at home x
It's a shame you can't get her to come in to college it will be a lot of things you could get marked on! X
I definitely think this is something you should encourage her into the training salon for. X
Yeah I know it would cover a few assessments but I've already done a colour remover and re colour,it would be great to get her in but because i only do one full salon day and she works 5 days a week it's just not possible but she wants to stop using the box colours