Summer what a Wash Out!!


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May 24, 2006
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Hi guys haven't been on for a while but just wanted to see whether this terrible weather we have been having is affecting business? From about the 2nd - 3rd week of the holidays I have gone really really quiet!! This time last year I was fighting people off cos the weather was sooo good. I am starting to get a bit paranoid as I have been constant for the last 18 months so big shock for me to be sat twiddling my thumbs. Even regulars are starting to cry off, I think due to lack of money.

I dont think my work is the issue cos if anything I am getting more adventerous and confident.

Oh well I need to use this time wisely and start planning my winter campaign, thinking of getting stickers for my car to advertise.

Are you guys still really busy??
Are you all too busy then to respond lol?
Lol Friday night is always one of the quietest times on here.

Well I think all your summer clients are here in Spain as we are really busy - loads of walk in trade with tourists treating themselves. Mind you I think we are having your summer now - rainy and cold - well cold in comparison to what it has been.
I was exactly the same at the start of the holidays - absolutely dead - I actually started to get worried! I had my regulars, but not many new clients at all! :eek:

Then, the past two weeks, next week and the week after I am fully booked! It literally changed in a number of days!

Get out in your town centre and do some leaflet & pricelist handing out :) get some Tshirts printed and go get em!! x

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