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Oct 26, 2003
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i was wondering if any of you have come across this problem before.....
last year i did my mom's nails for her holiday, i did her acrlic nails, and did some nail art which i sealed with star nails sealer and then the UV top coat. they were great before she went on hols but after a few days the sun lotion she used started to melt the varnish, therefore ruining her nail art.... i have come across this problem of sun tan lotions before and wondered if anyone knows how to get around this, as she is going away again and i don't want her nail art getting ruined again.
does any one know why this happens?
any specific brands of sun lotion or brands of top coat that you know will not be affected by the lotion?
i could seal the art with uv gel but would prefer not to have to do this with all my clients as they start going on hols.

any ideas?

I had the same problem on myself when i went on holiday last year, my nails went all sticky, as a rule i normally use a normal top coat and don't have any problems, but this particular time i used a uv top coat and that is when they went sticky, maybe its the brand of uv top coat, i can't see it being the sun tan lotion.
I believe that UV top coats are prone to going tacky when lotions and creams containing SPFs are used so you need to seal the top coat.

I use EZ Flow UV30 followed by EZ Flow never yellow sealer and this seems to do the trick.

Hope this helps.
if you use your regular airbrush topcoat, followed by either the ezflow never yellow sealer, or creative faze 2 topcoat you wont have another problem

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thanks everyone, i have never bought ezflow but i have got faze 2 so i'll give that a go.

thanks for the suggestions.

Hi Bec,
forgot to say, if using an airbrush top coat under faze 2 make sure the abtc has dried out properly
do you mean sun tan lotion or sun screen/block? i go to the beach with friends and everyone of them asks 'kristin can you pass the sun tan lotion' when they relaly mean sunscreen. i make the switch sometimes too actually.

just wondering! it just makes more sense that ur mother would go for holiday and wear sun screen! but of course she may have been wanting a tan too!
sorry for confusion, when i say sun tan lotion really mean sun screen, to stop you burning not to fake tan you. LOL

Just one more note on this - beware of mosi repellant too - does the same thing. :rolleyes:
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