SunBeds Yes or No to them?


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Dec 6, 2007
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Everyone has a big hook up about not using sunbeds because they give you skin cancer yet client's love them and would rather go to another salon that does have one if you simply don't. I guess some people would rather go into a sunbed booth and not have a spray where a therapist has to stand over them or have the classic hands on treatment people who are not that confident within their bodies would want something thats quick & still works aswell.
Yes we all know the damaging effects of using a Sunbed but yet that doesnt still stop people wanting to use them & their really profitable for businesses & its not all bad as UV rays help to product vitamin D
If you had the space/money would you have a SunBed in your salon?
Also does anyone know any good sites for purchasing sunbeds even if they are 2nd hand but still work as well ?
i don't like the idea of sunbeds, it seems like you are cooking your skin

i have had alot of clients (who are sunbed users)asking me for spray tanning which i don't offer

i have friends who were sunbed worshippers but now have spray tans because it is a safer option
I know plenty of people who love to drink and smoke but that doesn't mean I give them a jar and a fag. If they want to contribute to the deterioration of their skin and increase their risk of cancer they can do it in another salon.

A big no to sunbeds.
I had 3 beds in my last salon ...... after I had 3 cancers burn off and one that had to be treated ...... I SOLD THEM, I couldn't get my head around it any longer, it would be like me deciding to use MMA.
I have 1 walk in sunbed in my salon and i offer spray tanning,
the sunbed is most popular with my clients hth
Personally I don't like them and haven't had one in years, but yes if I had a salon I would get one, as clients do like them and they have a brain and can make their own decisions.
Sunbeds are actually ok if people use them for the reccomended sessions per year, unfortunately like drink, drugs and fags - people overdo the sun tanning and become addicted.

Too much of anything is bad for you.

A little of something can be good for you.

I personally wouldnt have a sunbed for those reasons - but I have to say - you feel fantastic after a session. (I remember - it was about 6 yrs ago - good times - good times lol)
yeah i dont think its fair to say that salon owners should be blamed for having Sunbeds in their salon due to the increase in skin cancer because like someone said they can make decisions for themselves & if you dont have it in your salon their go to another salon or tanning shop that does. Thats why courses a sessions come with a recommended amount of time then you could say to clients to give their skin a rest in between they could have St Tropez or another spray/Fake Tan application you offer in your salon.
Hang on, no one's blaming salons here. At least, I wasn't :) Medical research has proven that increased exposure to UVA and UVB rays exacerbate conditions that promote a cancerous environment. This is with minimal use so moderation is not really an excuse here. The WHO does not recommend its use and this and many other health reports are available online and your professional associations.

The information available on sunbeds is akin to research on MMA in the nail industry. While it's not banned in a lot of countries, would you if you performed nail enhancement services, use MMA? Or would you have your client make that decision?

This situation has nothing to do with having a brain. It's got everything to do with having an education. Salon owners are responsible for the safeguard of their clientele. As the law currently allows salon beds, it's up to the ethical standards of that salon owner to prevail.

My answer is no. And I would educate my clientele against their use.
My answer is no. There is plenty of advice about exposure to the sun etc and tha damage it causes skin, so why add to that with a sun bed? Spray Tanning is a much safer alternative.

I'm sorry I walk past too many Sunbed Centres around town, as much as I love leather I don't think leather skin is a good look.

Clients prefer a sunbed - explore this. Why do they, tailor some marketing and awareness campaigns to persuade them to switch to a really good Spray tan. Wherever possible ensure you have your spray tan topped up to have a light healthy glow, and allow your staff to have freebies. Then when a client comments on it you can talk about the benefits of spray tanning etc.

And of course Spray tanning is much cheaper to set up with.

Hi, No I dont think that I would have a sunbed if I had the space.

As they are not the best things to use on our skins.

It would just be great if the public realised that, and Faux tanned !

Here's for cheating all the way.

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