Swimming with Shellac


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Jan 26, 2012
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Hi, i have just had a txt from a client whose nails I did on Thursday. She has been swimming today and her shellac is chipping and peeling. On one of the threads on here it says that Geeg has posted something.........how do I find the post please? Urgent help..............cheers. :(
Hi, I use gellux which is similar to shellac and swimming wouldn't make the gellux chip! Did you cap the free edge! This would cause chipping if not!!!
Hi, thanks. yep did everything correctly. she has just sent me pictures and on one nail the colour is half off and about 3 others appear chipped. Will be extra careful tho with the free edge. ty x

Is this common with chlorine do you know? I cant seem to find anything....ty IWoody x

I have been wearing Shellac for 3 months straight now, with no problems at all, and I swim and do Aqua Aerobics every week.
I usually change my Shellac to a new colour every 3 weeks, and I don't have any chipping or peeling, so I don't think Chlorine affects it at all.
Obviously, being a nail tech, I always cap the free edge, and I do take care of my nails, but some clients don't, and can be quite harsh with them. I'm thinking that maybe she could have damaged them slightly before she went swimming, and splashing about in the water could possibly have just exaggerated the chips etc.....Just a thought.

Anyway, I HTH's :biggrin:

Nearly all my clients swim every day in the summer wearing Shellac on their fingers and toes with no problem.

I think it is much more likely to be something else!! :biggrin:
She possibly scraped them on the concrete getting out of the pool.
My Mum has done this also when hanging on to the side of the pool while resting between swimming lengths.

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