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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

Just wondering if any of you take deposit's if you have to book out a 2 hour gap? I ask this as I've had two canx this weeks for lashes!! I've had them booked in for weeks and now probably won't refill the space so iv lost out!! :irked:

Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated! x:)
Up until a few weeks ago I had this problem, now if someone new books an appointment I now tell them a non refundable deposit of £xx is required to secure the booking and I then suggest they pay this when they come in for their patch test. Have had no problems since and I normally work out if I trust them if they re-book for infills but if I get a bad vibe I again will ask for a deposit.
I give my clients 3 chances. If they keep messing me about then on the 4th time of them booking I will take full payment via paypal.
It is so frustrating especially for something like eyelashes as it takes such a chunk out of your day!
OMG i know exactly how you feel. i had this happen to me last week for Lashes. I've just started doing them so booked out 2 1/2 hours, what a waste of time. to say i was raging is an understatement. I'll be taking deposits from now on anything that takes 90 mins plus...
Thanks for the replies! These are girls from work, so they know i'm just starting out, pretty annoyed but think i will have to take a small deposit just so they know this is my business not just a hobby!

Thanks again x

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