Tan not developing the way it should ?


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May 24, 2007
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hi guys iv had no trouble with sunlabs all my clients have been really impressed with the colour of both 9% & 12& DHA ,but last week i had 2 clients coming back to me saying one the 9% was really light and she thought id used a lighter DHA and the other client had 12% she says that it didnt work out at all apart from her face ,im doing a respray 2night on the 12% client :irked:.any thought on whats happened or is it just part in parcel that we will get this ?:rolleyes:
Check the 12% client didn't wash it off too soon, as it may be nothing you have done :)
Could be:

Washed off too soon.
Client had something on her skin (possible moisturiser)
Spray gun not set up correctly
Compressor not working properly
Client pulling a fast one for a free tan

Did you see the tans the day after they were done? I would suggest this for the problem client and also make sure she has fully done the prep before she comes.

This may be an obvious question but is your tanning solution 'in date'? Once they have been open for a while they can lose their properties.
moisturiser on skin?
washed off too quick?

Also I find that some clients have a tan, first one they are like WOW! after 2/3 tans they are asking if I used a lighter one (some people) - they wanna go darker! lol

Or like it was said above - pulling a fast one for freebie. Check the tan line after tanning - get them to agree they see it (which they obviously do unless you didn't apply it haha). Make sure they have after care leaflet - read it properly and follow advice. Call next morning to ask how it is. If they are not happy the next morning - then get them straight back in that day so you can see. Cos a few days later and they might of needed topping up n e way!

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