tantrick or vani-t?


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Ok kate you must have received your ordered liquid by now...so come on get spraying and bare those legs for us all to see....I would offer but beleive me I can guarantee there would not be one of you in Geek land that would want to see them :lol::lol::lol:

You mean thats not you in your avatar:cry: gutted
You mean thats not you in your avatar:cry: gutted

I was talking about my legs... well now I am not telling about any other bits:lol:
I have tried both and it has to be Vani-T all the way for me.

I love it too

I have made my own 10% by mixing equal amounts of 8% and 12%. However, I do not use as much 10% as I do 8% and 12%.

I mix it too but mostly use 8% also

I would try both solutions on the same model, ask them to give you some constructive feedback on how it fades, what they thought of the colour etc. It would also be good if you could see the fade etc for yourself maybe by spraying a friend or relative.

This a great idea.

I know I am probably in the minority here as a Vani-T user but I have found Liz at Vani-T immensely helpful and she always has had time for long chats when I have had questions etc.

Yep Liz is great.

forgot to add that Vani-T body care products are now being sold in Harvey Nichols and soon to be in Selfridges, and having their endorsement on a product can only be good for business.

In the end though, make the decision that is right for you having conducted your research.

Good luck.

I love Liquid Sun by Vani T

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