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Jul 5, 2007
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I am a permanent make up tech and one time trainer, i also do the temorary or semi permanent or body art tatoos (depending on which continent you are on what you call them)

Anyway im in Spain now and im finding locally most people want their tats to be permanent forever, not fadeout over the years question is this, the suppliers here sell both permanent pigments and the facial and body art pigments, Ive bought a black and done a few small tattoos but i wondered if any of you have ever done this and was it detrimental to the machines, blockages, overheating biggest problem is explaining to people that the machines are not designed for big area work like some tattoos so have stuck to smaller designs so far ie: they are not the typical tattoo machines and can only hold smaller bunches of needles etc

I have the Mei Cha Platinum machine and the Sunshine which i believe are both frowned on in the UK now by health and safety due to non autoclavable parts, but they are widely on sale here and h&s have no problems with them. Just seems i have a market here...what do you think? :confused: Part of me thinks its going against my make up training and part of me is thinking go with demand.
My friend used to be a tattooist and had all the correct guns and autoclave and was very successful for many years until she unknowingly tattooed someone with hep c, she didn't catch it full blown but some how she is now a carrier so can not tattoo anyone ever again.
If parts of your machine are not able to be autoclaved you are putting your self and your clients at risk,
i am not been funny or having a go at you i am just sharing an experience that someone had and it ruined their career,
may be worth while investing in a better machine that can be fully autoclaved then you will have more peace of mind, just a thought.
I know what you mean..hadnt really given that side of things much thought, i still do the treatments as taught in Uk before thay changed the regs...and the machines are still fine to use here, but will give it more thought now. Thanks.
Your welcome hun
Isn't makeup tattooing slightly different to all over body type tattooing?
In my humble opinion if you are only trained in makeup tattooing you shouldn't be doing skin/body type tattooing without the training.
Yes grafxgal,

The techniques differ from facial work to body work...Same principle, sligtly different techniques as in our machines cant do shading large areas of colours so well and pick up less pigment in one go and obviously a tattoo gun is a more basic machine holding bigger needle bunches etc...any body art / permanent make up has the potential to be permanent depending on the colours used, body area, skin type etc The molecules of the body art pigments are smaller than in traditional tattoo inks so the principle is they can break down and be shed as the skin renews unlike permanent tattoo inks. I am trained and was a trainer for both treatments and also in tattoo removal...just not with permanent inks.

My original question was really to see if there was a problem with using the different inks with the machines and if anyone had done it. I know the machines i have would not be up to huge tattoos, theyre much too expensive to have overheat anyway and it would take to long to do large areas, building up of colour, as i explained they are designed for smaller area work. But in principle doing the same small body art tattoos ie. a chinese symbol with a black body art pigment should be no different with a permanent ink in the machine tip no?
I think that rather than take a chance and sod your machine up, it might be best to contact the manufacturer. It might save you a lot of money.

How much do they charge for perm make up in Spain? I heard it was around 160 Euros. x
Permanent Make up cant be done the same way as tattoing! Thats just a principle, and the pigments are designed for the face or aureola skin only while the tattoo pigments can be more flexible (and cheap) for the body, also the colours will be different from the face to another part of the body so dont use the Sunchine or Mei-cha to do tattoing, I would stick to PM for more revenue anyway!

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