"Teenage Wives and Girlfriends" - Sky One documentary seeks contributors


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Aug 15, 2007
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Firefly Productions are looking for couples to appear in “Teenage Wives and Girlfriends” (working title) which will essentially be a film about love. It will take a sensitive and in-depth look at three relationships in which at least one of the partners is a teenager. We are looking for couples who would be willing to tell the story of how they met, any adversity or opposition they have had to overcome to be together and plans for the future.

This documentary is an opportunity for three very different couples to tell their story, revel in their success and prove their doubters wrong. We would like to hear from couples who fit into one of the following categories:

Age Gap
We are looking for a relationship in which there is a significant age difference of 10 years or more in which the woman is the elder and her partner is under 20 years old. We want to hear from couples for whom the age difference has proved to be a positive thing and who have managed to stay together despite the disapproval of friends and/or family.

2 Teens
A couple who are either married or living together; both partners are under 20 and they have or are expecting children.
We are looking for teenage parents who want to prove that they are not just another statistic and that their youth does not deter them from being mature and responsible nor stop them from feeling adult emotions.

If you or somebody you know fits into one of these two categories and would like to find out more, please contact me on 0207 033 2030 / 07748 696274 or by email to [email protected]. Firefly is an independent production company - see http://www.fireflyproductions.tv for details of our shows.

Claire Walsh
Associate Producer
Firefly Film and Television Productions Ltd
120-124 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3SQ
T: 0207 033 2300 / 07748 696274

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