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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
Ok geeky ones - we have a fab hair forum and now I want to test your hair (cutting, colouring etc) knowledge - (beware my moose loving friend - no chickening out now :lol: - Joanne, I will have a few difficult ones for you up my sleeve :lol: as well)

Right - so the deal is - I ask a question - some one answers and then they ask a different question :green:

So here we go

What is and how do you do an "inverted bob" ????

convince me - with your answers and I may just have my hair cut in one :green:
ohh you should have one debs,
i did have one, but now have a short crop!!
anyway my answer is dont know if its right or wrong as im a newbie hairdresser lol
an inverted bob, is where the front is longer at the front than the back, the back can be quite soft or severe,
the back of the hair at the nape is cut at the perimeter going upwards ie cut into an inverted v( scuse me if im wrong and not using technical terms!!
then the hair sections are taken vertically pulled out at a 45 degree angle and cut lke that ( i think lol)

sides are pulled backwards and cut, sos not to lose the length and shape ) i think!!!)
i would love to know if im near the mark or not!! only been 6 weeks day release
but have watched otheres do this in salon
so have just guessed really
please let me know the correct answer lol
ermmm, my question, is,,,,
errmmm cant think of one yet sorry!! doh!!!
Very basically an inverted bob is a cut where the perimeter baseline is shorter at the back than the front :D

I razor cut mostly taking random chunks out and blending bits in :D so mines not really the technical method :lol: but as there are many methods its a tougie to answer lol

Typically a short graduation is adapted to achieve this look

A good technical one please Nikki :hug:

ok ,,
what are the benefits of using a razor to cut hair with?
are there any pros and cons to using a razor?

ps was i near the mark before becki, with my answer???
Yeah hun. You did a great job at trying to explain how to do it ,i took the lazy option :wink2:

Razor cutting offers more versatility(and creative freedon IMO) than traditional scissor cutting. There are no real benefits as such (it's no better or worse a method than they stylist holding it :D)

However if done incorrectly this method can "snag" the hair causing damage such as split ends.

We have quite a few newbie hairmessers so ........

Can you tell me the three main methods of massage when at the backwash ?
pettrisage,effleurage, and rotary????
Top of the class :D crack on with the next q :lol: xx

Allthough (being dead picky) in the order you would you them it would be Efflurage,Petrisage and Rotary :D
ohh im loving this thread, thanks debs,
im like a sponge, and only going one day a week is not enuough for me!!!
am i right??
ohh test me test me lol
whilst i try and think of one lol
:lol: Right Nikki

What does peroxide do exactly ?
not sure yet, havent done this bit yet, but i think it opens the cuticle to allow the colour to deposit????
Get yer books out :D :lol: :D

Anyone else ?????
ermmm dunno!! cant find it in my book lol
is this it!!!!!!!!!!?

peroxide, oxidises the natural pigments of the hair, enabling the synthetic pigments to bond together, to create a pemanent change within the hairs cortex????
peroxide a product used in conjunction with permanent tint or bleach as part of the development process.......like this quiz pmsl
Peroxide opens the cuticle allowing the tint/bleach penetrate the cortex so oxidisation can take place,therefore acting as a catalyst hth's

Following on from this what does Anti oxy do ?
is that something to do with ...stopping creeping oxidation....
yeah i think what jo says lmao!!
i think you use it after colouring or perming to stop the oxidisation thingybob!
C'mon you too :rolleyes: lol x

I bet you are the naughty ones :lol:

Yes it prevents further oxidisation,closes the cuticle and restores the ph balance .

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