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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
I'm sure you have all noticed that we are only 9 short of 1000 members and all in 6 months!!!

What a tribute to the quality of this site. Well done oh GMG.

I think we should all welcome the 1000th member if they are not brave enough to post. What think all of you?
im with you geeg :D

not suprised the site is hitting 1000th memeber its the best out here on the net for nail techs by far!

Yep count me in :D :D

And this truely is THE site for nail techs :thumbsup: :salute: :study: :goal:
to right i shall be waiting for the 1000th to join.

it is the site of all sites .......

love faye xxxx

Only four more till 1,000 now!!!!!
Can you believe it?¿?¿?

Talked to the Geek today and he said that if everyone private messaged the 1000th person they would be scared off for life.

We agreed a nice welcome on the board would be great!
yep Geeg that would be fantastic what a welcome they would have
would be an early xmas for them lol
How often does it happen, that you find 1000 people, sharing the same passion as you???
Not very often, this is a unique site, with unique people !!!!!
A huge welcome is assured no doubt !!!!!

love Ruth xxxx
WOW! I wish i could be the 1000th person.
But having said that you lot did give me a warm welcome and much apreciated you guys :sunny:
I definately agree we should make the 1000th person feel speacial.
This newbee will be like the first Millenium Baby! How exciting! I wonder who it will be? Part of me wants to time it right, and then log on as a completley different person so that it can be me! Lol!

(I would never do that though!) :D
Beautiful - I would!!!!!! :D I'm sure the 1000th member will feel very welcome and at home with this site. It truly is great!!
a huge WELCOME to the 1000th nail geek


get posting newbie nail geek (mind you I ain't been doing long but I am totally addicted)

well done you guys for having such a fab and groovy site - i love it :D

lots of love

Jo xxxxx
welcome spicy! :thumbsup:

come and introduce yourself we are all friendly around here and love to hear about new members. :flower:

ive only done a few posts too jo but have actually been hanging around here for about a yr lol

FYI: The last 5 or six leading up to the magic 1000 number all work with mui ;)
welcome to the board Spicy :D
A huge welcome to Spicy Geek no. 1000
This site rocks and is the best there is...................
Great information, great friends, great fund ........need I say more !!!!!!

love Ruth xxx
I think Spicey is baby geek !!!

Welcome to the world baby geek!! And welcome to the "site" to all from the Land of smiles!!!

Sawadee Ka!!
Sawasdee kha

In my shop every body look geek web site but only mui have password .

I tell them yesterday why you not join geek you can look geek and have password you and can speak .

Every body join geek ple my sister she join before now sin my brother him join oyi lady work my shop join ju lady work my shop join and aod man work my shop join kai my sister work auntie shop join today them update profile for you .

And the youngest member geek spicey later we make him tee shirt little geek with airbrush we join him geek him have 2 month today .

I wish every body happy and enjoy .

Kop khun kha friend mui
sawasdee kha

I come from bangkok now i learn nail and i have certificate now i do better nail then before.

Many things happen and i can tell you yesterday i went to custom i speak big boss i tell him i want to bring some products for nail to Thailand from England and America him sit down with me long time and speak me .

Him get book tell me first have to have permit and certificate from health that product safe them know already some company sell product not safe some country for use nail you know him speak mma.

I will get permit and health cerificate for safe product and bring to Thailand product for lady or man who do nail now i think if some one bring product Thailand and not have cerificates and duty and vat paid police will lock for sure .

I think many people will want learn nail my country now have many buissness do nail art and them will learn nail enhancement i want what i learn from you to teach some body and i want them not have problem with product no good .

Kop khun kha friend mui
welcome spicey geek

mui please post us a picture when he is wearing his t shirt :D
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