The aftermath after discount salon acrylics


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Aug 21, 2008
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Im not a beautician but came across this site when googling for help with my nails

I had my acrylics taken off about 3 weeks ago now, and have been cutting them dead short but they are splitting right down the nail bed.

I have also been putting OPI Nail Envy on and rubbing olive oil in my hands

My hands feel so dry and my nails are still catching on garments.

I know I have to be patient, but was just wondering of anybody can suggest a good product?

I only had acrylics on because I couldnt cope with chipped nail varnish and I like them really short anyway

Any suggestions appreciated

About 5 weeks ago I started using Solar Oil on my nails and I cant believe how good this product is. If you do a quick search on here you'll find loads of info on it, xx
Solar oil all the way, an amazing product x if you search for a salon near you the uses CND products they will more than likely have retail bottles x
Solar oil, and when they're better shellac for a long lasting 14 day manicure!
How did you remove your acrylics??

Olive oil really isn't the best option. I agree with everyone else, try solar oil. Also, if your nails are kept short, try getting a Gelish or other gel polish manicure. You could try shellac, but its always better on less bendy and damaged nails. This will help hold your nail together so they can grow out.

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what are "chinese" acrylics? aer these different to "english" acrylics? did you have them done at a reputable salon with reputable products? how did you remove them? can you post a picture? sounds painful
Pretty sure she means a non standard salon when she refers to chinese nails....

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Thanks for the advice and yes I did mean the discount acrylic shops shouldnt have labelled them chinese, but yes you get the picture.

Problem is my nails do grow really quickly and if I have shellac then after 8-10 days I start feeling edgy and want them done again, but that would be mega money

In the meantime will start with the solar oil - where do I get it from?

Thanks again, they are really sore and so horrible to look at
just wanted to say you are going to have to be patient with your nails!!its going to take about 6 months for your nails to grow up and be strong again especially if you have had drills used on your nails. Your doing the right thing using oil but you are still going to find that your nails break just because they are so weak.

you could try a soak off gel to help you have nice nails and let yours grow underneath but still keeping them short, then in 6 months try weaning yourself off gel and start having manicures........saying that you will probably be addicted to gel and having nice nails all the time by then!!!

good luck
Also worth trying it Nail magic I think it's called... not cheap for a tiny bottle but it lasts ages and it WILL make your nails stronger over the course of a few months. I have bendy nails and they are noticeably stronger now I use that.

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