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Which is the best brush you would advise buying? I currently have a Pro-Styler but I need to buy an new one as I have product in my old one!

Which Creative Brush would you suggest?

I have seen some cheaper brushes from Star Nails but I don't think it is an area that I want to scrimp in as a good brush is essential. Also how does everybody clean their brushes as I wonder if I am cleaning mine incorrectly? :oops:

Thank You. :D


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i have a master series pro styler and i would not part with it for the world i have tried many different brushes but i have to say in my opinion this is by far the best. As for cleaning her i always use clean ret + liquid.

hope this helps



I have the pro styler as well and love it. Only use monomer to clean the brush, never brush cleaner or *horrors* acetone :aww:

Suzanne R

You are smart to know better then to scrimp on brushes. I just bought a creative pro styler but havent had a chance to use it yet. My favorite brush so far is a Tammy Taylor med flat, its great for sculpt's. Use fresh monomer in a dappen dish and stand your brush in it and let it soak for 5 or 10 minutes if you have a goober in it. Just make sure after every use that it is clean and it will last you a long time.


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The Pro Styler for me and the Ultra Sculptor are my favorites. Always clean in clean monomer.


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I use a master series pro styler, expensive to begin with but then when all you have to do is replace heads it evens out in the long run and hurts the pocketbook less!!


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I have always cleaned my brush with monomer but I buy a cheap monomer rather thasn waste any good product, I won`t tell you which one I use for fear of upsetting anyone but its one I used and didn`t like. It sure cleans my brush ok though.
Can someone remind me why we don`t use brush cleaner or acetone, only someone I know uses acetone and I couldn`t remember to tell her why she shouldn`t

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debbiepromotions said:
I have always cleaned my brush with monomer but I buy a cheap monomer rather thasn waste any good product
HowdA All...

I would really advise against this. Cleaning brushes in a different brand of monomer could spell disaster as you will cross contaminate your brush.
Any excess monomer left in your brush after cleaning will contaminate your fresh monomer when you go to use your brush again.
Heck... we even recommend having seperate brushes for Radical and Retention for this very reason.

The second part of your Q:

We use monomer instead of acetone as acetone will ruin your brush hair just as it would ruin your hair if you washed it in 'Head and Acetone' shampoo ;)


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hi suezan, i was just reading your chat on cleaning brushes and noticed that you said you used Tammy Taylors, I just wanted to know if you are TT trained and if they are any good. I'm NSI trained but thinking about trying something different and I have just found out that there is TT trainging in Glasgow now.




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I must apologise for my ignorance, I thought I was saving a bit of money using cheap monomer to clean my brush. I`ve never been any good at being frugal, I should have known I`m not meant to save money, especially on something involving clients. I now know better and will stop doing so, I just hope no-one has taken any notice and decided to do the same


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I use the Master Series Pro Styler and it is the best brush I have ever used. To begin with I used the Ordinary Pro Styler but decided to treat myselt to the Master Series.


pro styler for me but gonna treat myself to the master series pro styler :D


I always used to use cheap brushes but treated myself to an ultra sculptor at the show in march.

When I first used it, it was like a great big heavy beast and i feared for a moment that I had wasted my money but I persevered that day and now I wouldnt change it - Im so in love with my little Basil :oops:
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