The Dreaded FLU!


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May 12, 2003
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I haven't been on in a while, unfortunatley I have had the dreaded flu all weekend. It is the first time I have ever had the flu, and now it's really getting me down. This morning I worked out that I have been in bed for the last 53 hours!

Now I am really getting annoyed with it so I thought I would drag my backside here and see what I have been missing, other than fresh air, money and a life! :D

The Lads at work aren't happy that I have been ill, because lately I have been running the shop for them, they keep calling to see when I am going to be in! It's only my 2nd day off. I don't think they realise that I am taking as much medicine as recommended to get rid of this awful thing! :evil:

They said they rely on me to run the shop for the but basically it is tough because it is not my responsibility so there! :)

One thing I am upset about though is that I missed seeing one of my best friends before she went away! She has gone to Australia for a year! :( Oh well, I'm sure I'll be better for the big party when she gets back! :D

Hope you're all well.
Oh Hun have a cuddle {{{CUDDLE}}} ;)
Yes to right stay at home and get rid of this cold..........
Because if you go back and infect the rest of the salon, they would soon say that it was all your fault, and you should have stayed at home.........

Hope you get better soon.............
Have a nice alcoholic drink, seems to cure all sorts, or a nice hot chocolate with a nice drop of bailey's............. My favorite cold cure.......
Well it doesn't cure the cold, but it makes the cold only seem half as bad ;)
Now Ruth that is why you are a Superstar! My Mum bought me some nice Galaxy Hot Chocolate drinks, and there is Baileys in the drinks cabinet!

In a bit! ;) :hic:
oooooooh! hot chocolate and baileys. :tongue: sounds absolutely delicious!!!!!!!! Not thought of that one before! mmmm, think I can feel a cold coming on........ :D

Well then TC, if I were you I would drink lots of it, because if you get this Flu you will need to be drunk to stay sane! :D
Sounds like good advice to me! :tongue:

Hope you feel better soon. I had proper flu about 18 months ago and boy is it different from a cold!! Infact when anyone says to me now, I've go flu when all they've got is a bad cold I just wanna deck em one :evil:

Influenza has got to be the worst thing I've experienced :aww: Its like a million differnt virus' all in one.

I had throat infections and went a bit delirious and all sorts so I completely sympathise nasssssty!!!

Infact my uncle's brother has just died of it :( so I know that this flu thats going around at the moment is a nasty one.

Hot toddie here I come! Another great cold cure is 1/3 rd of a glass of brandy (sounds a lot but its great), 2 big teaspoons of honey, topped up with hot water!! relaxes your throat and makes you feel all warm and snuggly. Works a treat!!

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