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Jan 31, 2003
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Hiya guys i was just wonderin how you all deal with clients that 'lift'. I had a client back today with lifting mainly down the side walls. Some nails were beyond repair and seemed to just peel off! :( I have never been able to just lift nails off the bed before like that! Anyway I know for a fact that this client is stressed cos she has just called of a huge engagement party (on the day i put the set on)Dyou think this could be the problem? Ifilled and replaced for the price of a normal fill but it took me 2 hours :oops: .I dont know if its a confidence thing but i always blame myself for any lifting and end up fixin them for free, just wonderin what you guys think. I feel a bit disillusioned today :scram:
Hi Amanda,
90% of lifting is due to improper prep. make sure you remove all non living tissue from the nail plate. Also check that you leave a tiny free margin all around the cuticle area and down the side walls if any product touches the skin you will get lifting. Creative have got a great prep booster called Acid Free Primer that is great for lift prone clients, it is also easy and gentle to use, check it out and let me know how you get on.
Don´t get down we all have bad days :( .
Liz (Tenerife)
Lifiting can also be caused from improper liquid to powder ratio. Mainly working too wet!! Just keep practicing, and don't give up!!! you can do it!!! ;) Good luck!!!
Whereas everything that has been written above can be a cause for lifting, if you have never had a problem with this client before, then you may have to look a bit deeper into the cause. :study:

Actually Stress (and I do not mean the "oh, I'm SO stressed today" type of stress) can affect physical changes in the body. Such as in the hair going white overnight syndrom. :shock:

Twice in my career I have seen nails peel off due to stress - they just sort of let go. In each case the stress was due to the death of a very close family member. It is rare but it can happen so you are not wrong in thinking it could be a cause - but, you need to look at the things mentioned above carefully and decide. :?
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