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Jun 21, 2007
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I have my practical exam on tuesday (Austria)
We have to do one hand gel and one hand acrylic (french and natural nails incl. polishing and french polish)
Now, I've always had a bit of an issue with time and was wondering the best approach to doing these different techniques...

a) should I do one hand at a time?
b) should I do the hands simultaeneously (while gel is curing do tips of acrylic?)
Im working myself into a tiz about this as obviously I dont want to be stressing about the best way on the day

so ... how would you approach this?


Cait :eek:
Find yourself a couple of models quick and do both ways while timing yourself,
I would guess option B would be the quickest as long as your not going to confuse yourself using both systems at the same time.
I agree. If you can manage doing them at the same time without getting flustered, do it. I hate wasted time.Whenever I'm waiting for something I use the time to do something else.

So I passed, just about I'd say... ohew

I did the gel french tips first then while it was curing started on the acrylic ... only to realize during the second cure that Ooops!! I forgot to do two nails in natural ... my heart stopped , now I was really up against it - I finished all the other nails first the when filing I filed back the french (gel) and worked like a maniac to get them to natural then while sealing I cured the remaining 2 ..

Jeepers the pressure,,,,,
And to top it off, I had done a polish on one nail - fabulously thanks to the tutorial from Geeg but OH my god with 15 seconds to go my blouse swiped over it ... this wasnt fun but luckily the paint was wet enough for me to give a quick swipe of the brush and voilà
with 5 seconds on the clock to spare... phew... big exhale of air:)

Wasnt perfect... no, would it have been if I had had the 30 mins extra for really perfecting it? better maybe but ... well to be honest... I think I did a really good job considering ; -) lol and I lost a fewkgs in the process

I must say without this site I dont think I would have been as confident ... its been an enormous help

thanks everyone

much love

Cait xxx

Yippee!!! I'm a qualified Nail technician
Well done and congratulations to you.

Now the REAL learning begins!! :hug::hug:
glad you got through it. good luck now you are qualified.

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