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Jan 9, 2003
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The Creative Nail Academy in Essex is hosting a day of nail zaniness on Sunday November 2nd.
It is so freaking Zany they have asked me to do 2 'Geek Shows' from 11:30-2:30 as well as 2:30-3:30.

Those of you that have had you eyes glued to the site know that I have recently done a Geek Show in Norway (which might I add was quite cool).
It covered:
  • Lifting
  • Pocket Lifting
  • Curling
  • Onycholysis
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungal Infections
  • Allergic Reactions

Is this something you guys want to see or do you want some demos thrown in... What? Lemme know and I will try to accommodate.

For those of you wanting to attend... Call the Academy for tickets on 01245 392044.
Looking over the menu for the day... it looks like one you shouldn’t miss.

nJoy :fro:
Hi ya

Are you doing this at the colchester show the same day?

Cazza :D :D
Perhaps l have had a long day, :confused: but are the previous posts talking about the same day how can you be in two places at once? :?

I was never any good at geography at school so to go to both, how do i do that. if l'm thick help me become thinner!!

l'm trying to sort out going but it is a way from me hopefully got my babies a sitter for the day. :D

please can you show a demo of sculpting as l missed it at excel, mind you if you want to demo everything l won't complain. :thumbsup:
Not sure where the confusion is coming from other than me stating "the CNA Essex" When in fact (correct me if I am wrong) the event is at the Chelmsford location.

Wherever the hell the show is is where I will be doing my bit ;)
sounds like you have had a hard day and a tad stressy my dear mr geek. count to 10 take a deep breath and SCREAM. it helps.

The confusion for me is chelmsford like you have stated or colchester which is stated by the other geeks on here and in the scratch mag.

l only want to get to the right place and anything like this l wouldn't want to miss.

Be happy!!! :D
Show is in Colchester Essex on the 2nd November near mcdonalds drive through.....

:D :D :D Cazza
Thank you cazza!! :D
LOL Its the CHELMSFORD Academy's show which is being held in COLCHESTER!! :rolleyes:

The full address to anyone who needs it is Colchester Leisure World, Cowdray Avenue...COLCHESTER!

For those who are coming out of Colchester station, there are taxis there if you need them, jus tell 'em to take you to Leisure World. And let me know if you need any taxi numbers to get back, PM me.

The actual show is being held in The Charter Hall, which is INSIDE Leisure World. When you walk in, turn to your LEFT, to go into the hall. Or you'll end up in the swimming pool zone if you go straight on lol!!!

You CANT miss Leisure World...its got 2 blue and green flume slides coming out of the sides, and as Cazza said, theres a McDonalds opposite the building ;-)

Are you clear where you're shimmying off to now Sam?! lololol!

smiler13334 said:
sounds like you have had a hard day and a tad stressy my dear mr geek. count to 10 take a deep breath and SCREAM. it helps.

:?: nope. Just stating the info I had. Thanks for the clarification layla
Laystar you are a honey

l am still crying with laughter talk about feel a total plonker and i can't even blame it on having a drink - l did say previously not good at geography and never been to essex.

ribs are hurting now, thank you for sorting that for me talk about derrrrrrr.

see you all there.
smiler13334 said:
l did say previously not good at geography and never been to essex.

Oh well you're about to get soooo lucky pmsl!

Just remember that Colchester is the ''posh'' part of Essex, and we (well, I), dont have that awful accent, innit !!

Looking forward to meeting you all! Gona be meeping!

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