The same nail keeps popping off


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Apr 8, 2010
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New Zealand
I have done a quick search and found a bit of info but i wondered if any one can help further i have been doing nails on a 20 year old girl and she got a lot of lifting so i re checked my prep and application but now she has one finger next to her pinky on her right hand that wont last it just comes off i use cnd and tried radical and retension my prep is good it even came off when i had just finished doing it after i saw a post by geeg which said to try it thinner still came off (maby it was too thin lol) she wears them short i dont know what else to try! she still gets some lifting on the other fingers. before she came to me she went to a nss and they didnt budge but other techs have told me they use mma!
First look to what she may be doing with that hand. I say this because I have had this problem with the odd golfing ladies whose grip puts such pressure on their little finger that they have had lifting no matter how thorough the prep. Is she doing something where the grip puts pressure on that particular nail?

The only other logical reason is that there is some barrier between the enhancement and the product! What that may be you will have to determine between yourselves.
Is it really damaged by the old product?

I'm only asking as right round the corner from me is a place that uses " interesting products" the prep they do on the natral nail with there 80 grit files ! Is so much that when there clients come to me I can't get any enhancement product to stay on!

It was really driving me mad at first , so I called my eduacater he asked me if it was happening to people who haddnt been there I said no there's wear fine ,
then the penny dropped it wasn't me it was there damaged nails!

If you can talk her into manicures / polish or better yet shellac for 4/8 weeks then go back to enhancements on the re grown new nail you will likely find that they stay :)
My old neighbour used to go to a NSS and it took me 6 months of her coming to me before I could get an enhancement to stay on longer than a few hours! The damage to her nail natural nail from etching the nail plate was not visible but once we got her nails healthy with regular care, we had no problems at all :)
do you think its worth trying a thin coat of gel before i put on the L&P?

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