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Feb 14, 2004
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Milton Keynes

Got home from work yesterday having lost count of the amount of times i got drenched in the downpours and storms throughout the day to find two teenage girls sitting in my husbands car parked at the end of our drive!!

First thoughts i won't go into!

Husband comes to door also soaked with the most earth shattering explanation i've ever heard! The two girls had walked to a friend house to find friend out! Parents of said friend did not invite these two girls in (this is during thunder storm and torrential rain!!). Girls too scared to walk home, decided to sit out the storm under the trees. Parents still did not come out and invite girls in, even though they are dressed in t-shirts and shorts!!

My husband reminded of the world we live in did not feel comfortable inviting two teenage girls into the house and being alone with them so instead unlocked his car and told the girls to take cover there until the storm had passed.

I came home to find them still sitting there, so cup of tea later we took them home and explained the situation to there parents. Who i will add were extremely gratefull and appreciative of the help my husband had given them!

What a world eh?


Dont get me started on this one, these situations are everywhere,
Dont Parents watch the news?
I live on an estate ( a large one) And the summer time is the worst for this howevre the stray children are far from teenagers which i find astonishing, then hours later you get a sort of disstressed parent briskly walking towards you shouting have you seen a little boy about 3yrs old this high in a blue top, i cant find him anywhere? (ive been to busy watchimg trisha on tv).

I get so annoyed and feel so sorry for the tiny children, if there was someone lerking they would have a field day here..
Oh my!

Thank god there are still more good 'uns then bad 'uns around ...

but isn't it a shame that we have to think so much and not just follow our natural instincts to help when it is needed? YOur husband showed allot of sense by his actions ... he also sounds a real nice bloke too.
Not long ago I worked as security on a local festival and was in charge of keeping an eye on a little playing area set up for the children. I saw a little boy of about five wander in to the play area, play for about an hour and then stand at the gate looking as if he was lost. I asked him if he was lost and he said that he couldn't remember where his mum was sitting.

Two hours later we found his mum and she hadn't even noticed he'd been gone...for THREE HOURS!!!

It transpired that the little boy wanted to go and play but the mother was too busy with her new boyfriend so told him to go on his own. The play area was about 500m from where they were sitting and there were 12,000 people at the festival that day. It's an absolute miracle that little boy wasn't snatched.

She didn't even say thank you for bringing him back.

People make me so mad!
that sort of thing happened to my friend, she was out shopping with her kids , and there was a little tot wandering around crying , he had been left with his 6 year old sister watching him while the mother sauntered off (out of the shop :mad: ) anyway my friend stayed with the little kids for 20 mins when the mother came back and just starts screaming at the kids!!! didnt even say thanks to my mate ,just dragged kids off shouting at em poor little things,
i have to say i am extemly paranoid where my son is concerned and never let him out of my sight its just scary what people do !!
People really irritate me. :evil:

Whenever I take my goddaughter out, people look at me as if I'm crazy 'cos I'm always holding her hand... and if she ever wants her hands free to pick things up and look at them in shops (hair scrunchies in Claire's Accessories is the norm - what a girly girl :lol: ) I make her stand in front of me between my feet!!

Taz - it sounds like those two girls were very lucky your husband took the initiative to offer them somewhere to shelter. I just can't believe their friend's parents didn't have the same amount of sense and compassion!! :rolleyes:

Beach Babe and Dee - Mayb it's just me being paranoid and overcautious :o as I've tried for a baby and had miscarriages in the past, but I just think children are far too precious for a parent/guardian to be so laid back as to let them wander off and to not care for them properly. Can you believe what some people are like?! It makes me so sad. :(

G. x
Up to scratch,

I think you're right to be like that. I don't have any kids of my own but i'm always really careful with my niece.

Children are precious and should not be treated like a nuisance!

The really annoying thig though is that the children that do get snatched are invariably from very good mothers who just turned round for a second rather than from the mums that really don't give a damn.
Oh how i agree!!

I'm blamed for being to strict on my 4year old! We have a set routine where he goes to bed at 7pm each night (unless were going somewhere special) He is allowed to play with his friends until 6.30pm but only in the front garden with the door left open.

I have been accused of being strict and overbearing, but my response has always been "call me what you want, i always know where my child is and who he is with! do you?"

The kids he plays with are around the same age group and can go where they want and stay out as late as 10pm!

I feel that i've a happy confident outgoing boy who is always polite (yes i am slightly biased) Hopefully he will continue to grow up respecting others.

Both my husband and i are emergency services personnel and regularly see the outcome of situations, i'd rather be strict then let my child become another statistic.


No way are you too strick with your little boy.....he is still a baby!!!! I, like gingernut, live on an estate and this little boy of about 4 or 5 keeps knocking to see if 'the sisters' can come out to girls are 5 and almost 3....yeah like I'm gonna let them out of my sight!!! When this little boy knocks there is never a sight of an adult or older child with him. The other evening I came in at about 12.30 am and there was a group of children of about 8/9 hanging around. I could not believe that they were allowed to be out at that time......I very nearly called the police but hubby said 'leave it, they are being quite now as I gave 'em hell at about 10.30'!!!!!!! This sort of thing really makes my blood boil......Children are precious and they should be looked after.

Well done to your husband for his very sensible is heart warming to know there are still, as Geeg put it, 'Goodies' about!!!!
Taz i am exactly the same!!!!
I don't let my kids out of the garden!!! The amount of time i have seen the other kids on the street brought back by the police for wandering too far!!!
A couple of months ago a passer by found the 2 year old boy from up the street stood in the middle of the road so i offered to take him home thinking his mum had just turned her back for a wrong was i !!! i knocked and knocked but no answer just a very irate dog!!! There was no one in that house.....i took the little boy to the neighbour who took him off me and said she would look after him until the mother was found.......well i was fuming and sat all day waiting for her.......after 2 hours she got off the bus...she had been in to town shoping!!!! she got such a piece of my mind!!!! o this day she still avoids me like the plague!!!
But i think you can never be too careful!!! 2 wks ago i let diesel play at a little boys up the street after i made his mum promise that the garden gate would be locked and that she would make sure they did'nt get in to mischief (i think the neighbours think i am a raving looney)
He had only been gone half and hour when caitlin came in sreaming and crying that he was going down the road........i have never run so fast in my whole life......there he was following this other little boy going on an adventure!!! over my dead body!!! I took them both up to the little boys mothers and banged on the door no i kept banging unil she finally came and said 'oh whats he done now'
To which i replied 'you may want to lose your son but i certainly don't want to lose mine'!
I was so angry but also so relieved that he did'nt get any further!
I have to say something here that made my blood boil.............
Quite a few years ago while on holiday at an English holiday resort, myself and my Dad came across a little boy about 2-3 years old, obviously lost and in distress.
My Dad being the kind doting parent he is, picked up the little lad and managed to stop him crying and we managed to convince him that we would find his lost mummy.
As we were taking him to the reception area to report him lost an irate woman came up to my Dad and hurled so much abuse at him and accused him of all sorts.
To this day my Dad has been traumatised by this and since then whenever he`s seen a lost little soul he`s had to walk the other way which I know upsets him no end.
I`m fully aware that things do happen to youngsters that stray but I do think the woman could have been a bit more understanding or even better, not lost her child in the first place...........

i have a story to tell but i will make it short , at 6:30 am i was awoken by my eldest daughter screaming at me that my son was not in bed , i don't think that i have ever woken up so fast in all my life . i look under the beds i look in the wardrobe i look in cupboards still with my son no where to be seen , now i am not sure what made me look out of the window but there he was bold as brass sitting in my car he had managed to open the front door open the car door and was sitting there in the driving seat playing cars , at this point i would like to add that my son is 2 he used his toy garage to be tall enough to open the front door and as i never lock my car ( in hope that someone will steal it lol) which i am glad of really thinking that my son may not have stayed in the area if the car door was locked now i have to triple lock the front door before i go to bed and hope that if there was a fire i would remember that it triple locked i also have to lock the kitchen door as he has also woken me standing on my bed just like a pshyco knife in hand all this with a stair gate too (think i may have the next greatest escape artist on my hands ) oh by the way i did tell him off for going outside not that it made much difference because he decided that he wanted to play out the front of the house when i was hanging the washing out later that day and where did i find him OHHHHHHHHH YES in my unlocked car have to bolt the top of the door in the day now people must think i am paranoid when they hear me unlock the door but i really dont care all the time i know where my son is and i know he is safe. :)
Ooh, i'm so glad noone on here seems to think I'm an over-protective raving nutter!! :lol:

Well... at least if anyone else says to me in the future that I am, I know I'm in good company here 'cos we all seem to be of the same opinion... :D

G. xx
i agree entirely with you all...i'd kill someone who touched my boys in a harmful way...i'd happily go to prison for it! Taz - your husband did a very kind thing for those girls! just reading these posts makes me feel glad that there are still parents who 'care' in this world! I am more lenient with Haydn as he's 11 almost 12 but he still needs plenty of guidance - it's something we naturally do for the rest of our (and their) lives!!! Great thread btw... take care all;)
A lot of these stories remind me of things that happened with my own kids when they were little.
My daughter too once got something to stand on to open the front door of our brand new house, in a brand new street, we'd been there just days and hadnt added extra security.
She let herself out and was happily playing in the street on her scooter when a neighbour going to work at 5.30 a.m spotted her, he brought her back and I awoke to see this stranger standing at my bedside holding my daughter. Hysteria is putting things lightly!!!
We became very good friends after that and I managed to laugh about it eventually, though I could never forget the fact that it could have all been so different ... Oh! and I fitted extra locks to the front door!!!
Bearing in mind I live in Soham (I think most people have heard of us) I am a paranoid parent who is having to learn to let go. With my older boys being 14 & 12 I am having to learn that they need a social life too. School holidays are particularly difficult coz they tend to go off for the whole day but they always tell me where they are going and with who plus mobile phones are a god-send. My 10 yr old is allowed to visit selected friends who live nearby but only with relevant parents permission. My little one who's 4 doesn't leave my side. He went to a friends house yesterday morning coz I was in desperate need of a haircut and my friend has twin girls his age so I knew he would be safe. He had such a lovely time "without mummy" that he's going back again on Friday coz I'm working. For us parents living in Soham time may have passed but the memories of what can happen live on.

My brother-in-law works for a small vehicle recovery place and was called out to a family stuck on the motorway in the middle of the night. Their AA membership had expired and so they had been passed on to them. When said brother-in-law arrived the people in the car were quite angry and when my brother-in-law told them how much it would cost they went crazy and refused to pay saying that they would get a friend to help. Brother-in-Law decided that he could not leave them on the side of the motorway and said that he would tow them to the nearest service station so that they could at least e warm and have a cup of tea. Their response to this was 'I should think so!' as though my brother had caused their rust bucket to break down.

As it was very dark he tried to make it easier for the children to get to the break-down truck by shining his torch at the ground and he took the little girls hand so she wouldn't fall in a hole. The parents went absolutely mad calling him a paedophile!

I think it's a sad state of affairs when you can't even help someone without them shouting obscenities like that.
i know it is awful , i have to say once my hubby was at services and there was a little boy in the toilet just crying , well my hubby just came straight out and told the person in charge and let them deal with it , when i asked him why , he just said what would it look like if a bloke is standing in a toilet with a little boy crying people would think he was doing some thing , it is awful now that people are scared of being helpful because people would think things !!
Thanks for all your support and replies to this post!

I've showed them all to hubby, he feels slightly better after seeing them.

He's still feeling that he could have done more, but seeing some of the posts has made him feel a whole lot better.



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