Thought I'd introduce myself......


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Georgie Porgie

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Apr 6, 2003
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Utah, USA
Just thought I would drop a few lines and say hello to all. I just joined a few days ago, and have been spending all my free time reading past posts...... Gotta say it...... I wuv ya all already! lol
I've been to few message boards as warm and welcoming to newbies (like me), as this one. You all are wonderful!
Hiya Georgie Peorgie Puddin & Pie :D

Welcome to the boards, aren't they wonderful? I learn so so much from these guys - if I had to name one thing that has got me to the level I am today, it's not my products, certainly wasn't my schooling - it was the resources I have found on the net.

So I hope you will take advantage of the knowledge being shared here and contribute your experiences :)

How long have you been doing nails? What products do you use? Tell us a little about where you work...
Welcome to the board ;)
Hope you get as much knowledge and fun from this board as I do they are a great bunch :D
Hope to chat to you on the chat site soon.
Take care Dawnie xx
Welcome Georgie - this bunch of peeps are really great, you could not find a better group.

Hi there and welcome to the sacred nail geeks site.
You are especially welcome if you come from UTAH which as I'm sure you know is the Geek's home town so to speak.
He gets a little lonely from time to time as not everyone understands quite the way his mind works - perhaps other Utahans DO?? :p
welcome to the mad world of INT. NAIL GEEKS & GEEKETTES; look forward to getting to know you and being of help!! :salute:
Georgie - you are already showing great promise by finding this site! Isn't it terrific.

Honestly as a novice myself I am amazed that some of the more basic (stupid) questions that I have posted have been answered so quickly and helpfully - no one makes you feel foolish ... everyone seems to accept that beginners need to question things, unlike some other groups around.

You've joined the best here.

Look forward to reading your posts ... and the replies!

Where to start?.. Let's see..... I've been doing nails for about 2 years, although just finished school, and licensed. ( Licensure is new to Utah). Most techs here in my area "grandfathered" into their licenses... but I chose not to... and am I glad for that! Although the schooling was minimal ( 200 hrs) it helped tremendously! I also have the advantage of having my best friend being in the nail industry for many years. I forget her "title", but she opens new schools, teaches the instructors to instruct, etc.... She has been wonderful to help me.
Instead of working for someone else, I chose to open my own nails only salon. I know it is a HUGE jump on my part, but I just wasn't willing to work with the knowledge I do have in an old school environment, and sadly enough, that is all there is in my area. The city I have the salon in doesn't even have a "code" for ventilation in a salon setting....( I put a system in However... I have been open for almost 3 weeks now, and although slow ( building clientelle always is...) It is going well. I use mostly cnd products ( I love them), but am finding ez flow colors very popular here. I am also "dabbling" in the 3D direction... I am the only tech in town that offers it as a service, and the response has been wonderful! Well! lol That was a spew and 1/2! lol sorry so long...
Hi Georgie :) sure you'll love this site and judging from your last post 8) - looks like some of us will be picking your brains. Look forward to your input.
hi georgie

welcome to the board you will love it here

:D :D :D :D

Welcome Georgie,
You are very brave !! I too came into the nail industry to open my own Nail Bar, although I haven't got it yet, I am working very hard on perfcting my skills & hope to open a Nail Bar soon, in fact, I'm going to have a chain of them!! Well, you might as well set your goals high!!

And like Michelle said, I learned so much more from these boards than I did in school. It is a great way to ask questions, exchange tips and see beautiful pics of nail art for inspiration! Good luck andI look forward to your posts! :D
A warm welcome from us here in not so sunny London.
Enjoy the board, I know I do............... the best Techies hang out here, well they must be cause they are on this board 8)
There is always someone on hand to help out , no matter how small or big the question is. Also you can have a rant and rave about things that bug you. We might not agree with one another at all times, but that's what makes this board so much fun, and we always make up at the end of the day.................. Just like a family does....................
And boy our family has grown.................
love Ruth :D
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