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Nov 23, 2007
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hi all, im training with essential nails and need big help if poss..... im still on the blending and tiping section of the course,for some reason this part feels like its taking so long to get the hang off! after blending when i buff the nail there is a cloudy patch so i was advised to file and blend more but then the nail gets weak and breaks! it is so frustrating,its like i cant win either way !
any suggestions ,please? xx
Gigi gave you the correct answer hun just before xmas, this is the same problem that almost every tech faces and until you can overcome it, it will cause loads of problems with your full sets,
go back and look at what Gigi said and just practise lots more hun,
you will find it by going to the search facility at the top of this page and typing in "tip blending" hth
im glad its not just me who has this problem lol,ill go back and have another look,thanks x
Definitely something that bothered me for quite a time . . . . don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine, its quite normal lol
i had trouble with it aswell.i use my nsi sanatize spray on the whole nail once i think i have finished blending and the result you get before it dries is how the nail will look once its finished.so if you can still see anything shadows etc.. then you will need to blend some more as you will still be able to see it once you have finished the enhancements try it,you might be suprised hths.
as the other geeks said theres some great threads already posted just do a search and im sure you will find loads:)
Blending tips for me also did take so long in the beginning, then i was told to pre blend my tips before i would put them on the client, that safed me a lot of time. With time it will go much faster...

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