Tip Dilemma Due To Lack Of Sculting Gel


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Mar 29, 2004
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Hi it's me again

So I know I am gonna have to wait for my Brisa gel, but I have run out of sculpting gel and will have to use tips (which I've never really had a whole lot of success with). Which colour tips 'disappear' best under a clear and white gel? Clear or natural. Have had a go with a clear on myself and even though i blended it really well you can still see a line under the gel. Any 'tips' (pardon the pun) would be really appreciated as I have another new client coming in and I don't want to look stupid.

By the way regarding my post asking for advice on gel lifting on a client, it turned out she had been lifting furniture up into her flat, but couldn't understand why this would be a problem. I replaced them for her and asked her to let me know about the new ones.

Hope somone can help


Sorry that should read SCULPTING GEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I use clear tips but that is because I use brisa gels and clear tips are a must with this product so the gel cures on both sides, I got 1,000 cheep tips on e-bay (from lady L) and they are brillent
can"t regular and white tips be used with Brisa?
maddie said:
can"t regular and white tips be used with Brisa?
In the Premium Geek section there is a whole list of Brisa Q & A's - I am sure this will help!
maddie said:
can"t regular and white tips be used with Brisa?

Yes they can if using clear gel or pink over the tip. But when using the White sculpting gel, the product needs to cure from underneath as well as on top. Hence you will need to use a clear tip OR a clear Sculpting form.
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