Toner turned blonde hair brown


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Hi everyone!
A few weeks ago I had a balayage appointment and my hair turned out to be a beautiful bright blonde color. Unfortunately my stylist didn’t blend it in together too well so I came back today to get it redone. She started blending my roots and asked if I wanted to retone my hair. My goal is to be a icy blonde so I agreed to let her make it ashier. She applied the toner and washed it out and to my dismay I realized that it is a dark ashy brown color :( My bright blonde is gone and it looks like I’m a brunette again. I know that toner is temporary and sometimes it can be good to go darker so it washes out nicer but what color will it fade to? Will it return to an ashy blonde? I’ve attached some photos of the before and after



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Is the first pic your current hair colour?

Ash tones will always appear darker than gold tones.
Toners are temporary colours and within a few washes will go and you'll be left with untoned lightened hair.
When it’s washed out, just use a purple shampoo to stop it looking too yellow/gold.

However, I don’t know what she’s used so this is generic advice.