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Jan 7, 2010
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I did all of my training with CND and was taught that we only need to disinfect our tools and that there was no need to sterilise the tools. The CND workbook's also state this. I was reading Marian Newman's 'The Complete Nail Technician' yesterday and she says that Cuticle Nippers, Nail Clippers e.t.c. have to be sterilised. I am concerned now that I am not following the correct protocol. What does everyone else do?
I was the tools with anti bac soap and a nail brush to remove and debris then I soak them in mondo rapid solution, then away ,
I don't think you have to sterilize but from a client point of view which salon would you rather go to the one that does or doesn't sterilize? I do sterilize all my metal implements and they are sealed in a pouch which I open in front of the client. They really like it.
Hello! I steralise absolutely everything with MUNDO products. These seem to work really well and I can work contendedly knowing that everything is sparkling clean :green: xx
Thinking has slightly changed in the last few years. It used to be that metal tools needed to be sterilised and the only acceptable method was by autoclave. This isn't practical for salons so what is now acceptable is a hygiene routine that uses a high level disinfectant for reusable tools. Mundo will certainly fit the bill for this
Thanks for your replies. I already use Mundo Rapid Tool Disinfectant so that's a relief that it is sufficient. xx

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