Top coat going grey!!!


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Oct 3, 2003
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Hi everyone,
Please can anyone tell me why one of my clients nails are going grey?
Here goes.......
A new client x2 visits for enhancements does not like re-balances she prefers in her words "fresh new nails" Instead of spending lots of time buffing to a shine I use creative wet look topcoat but she tells me this goes grey after a few days my other nail cliets dont have this problem
she tell me she is not doing anything with them inbetween salon visits so I dont understand!!!!!!!!
please can anyone help?
easypeasy :?
They always say they are not doing anything don't they??

You are not having this problem with anyone else? Well something's got to be different.

The Wet Look is an 'Out the Door' product ... is it still shiny when she returns? If not, then I think that during the 'sticky' stage she is dulling it and getting it dirty.

I once had this product put on my toes and the polish colour never dried properly ... I could scrape the polish off days later. In this instance my technician did not use it over a top coat but used it as the only top coat!! Next time we used it over Super Shiney and it was fine. I think you should use it as the final gloss coat not on its own.
Thanks Geeg
I have used super shiny on her aswell on its own and that goes grey.
Do you think if i use these two together on her nails they would be ok?
You'll have to try it and see. It should be but this client seems to be a one off sort of client. Let me know!!
Right Hun,
Does it look sort of greyish and mucky, slightly tacky ??????
Then the reason could be...............

Hair styling products.......Mousse, hair gel and the like........
Styling products combined with the heat of a hair dryer...........
Hair spray, is one of the most common factors...............
as it is a sticky substance it gives the nail a greyish look after a little while, that when you use polish remover comes off right away .............

Some body lotions that contain certain minerals, seem to do this as well......
Some self tanning based lotions..........

I bet my last penny on this, it's not your product, it's something she is using.............
Just run a check list with her and I bet you will be able to sort this in no time.............
Hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxx
as well as everything that everyone has put, the other possibility is dye from navy, grey or black gloves(especially leather ), jeans or even newspaper print.
my sister used to work in the printing industry & this happened a lot.
as ruth says, a quick swipe with enamel remover usually works.
good luck, hope you find the culprit :?
lol liza xx
Thanks Ruth

Never thought about these, good thinking.
She has app in two weeks time so I will go through these with her,
Will let you how i get on.

I love this site you are all very helpful.
Thanks again
easypeasy :)
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