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Jul 27, 2007
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I have had a client and in the beginning I was having trouble with lifting, she has glitter tips L&P. Now there is no problem with lifting but she keeps breaking her nails. I have put them on just a little thicker than the nails I usually do, but she just keeps breaking them. The other three clients have had no problems at all. I have replaced the broken nails twice now on two different sets. Where do you draw the line that this person is just really heavy handed.. I'm not being funny but I know that my nails are strong enough. I replaced the nails free of charge but like I said where do you draw the line and kind of think that maybe the p**s is being taken a bit.

What do you lot think??
The problem is if she knows you'll replace them free of charge, where is her incentive to look after them? Start charging her for repairs, hun.
you HAVE to charge didn't break them, she did.

Think about it...if its going to cost her every time she breaks a nail then she will be more careful.

Also how long are they....? maybe a bit to long for her to handle...try making them a bit shorter.
Yeah I only thought I would replace the first nail for free but now she keeps breaking them, I know that my nails are ok. So thanks for the advice I will charge next time. x
I had exactly your problem with a couple of people.

Then I started to charge them and they started to be more careful, use their oil, and come when they're supposed to and not a week later :rolleyes:

Just to add though, the length is a consideration, also the apex.

Someone told me (or I read it on here) that you can tell a heavy handed person by the way they go in their bag for their purse. Watch the way they do it. If they dive in and ferret round for England then they're probably heavy handed!! lol I have watched my clients and it is very true :lol:

good luck,
If the free-edge is snapping off then I would suggest you put build up the stress area a little more to give the nails more strength. I tend to adjust my technique according to my clients so with heavy handed clients I do apply a tad more product.:)
You could also try a slightly drier mix?

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