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Sep 11, 2004
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Hi, this is Sue the client.

I thought this was the best place to put this since although it's about nails it's from a client rather than a tech.

Now, my husband recently got us cable tv and I started watching a bit of the jewelery channel(s) you do. Since we live in the Netherlands and I can't buy anything, it's a really safe way to window shop. ;-))

Anyway, one thing that I started to get really upset about is the state of some of the presenters' hands. Considering that their hands help make their living, I am really surprised that some of them don't take better care of their manicures. The best hands on the channel seem to belong to those presenters with natural nails. I'm really surprised that they don't get pulled up when they slide a nice ring onto a hand with torn, dry skin around the nails and obviously needing a fill-in. Sometimes they're so bad I actually have to change the channel!

Am I alone?
I agree. I like to sit when I'm in a mood and spot the nails, only time I watch it. That said though they are often seen in very extreme close up which would show up even the tiniest thing, much of it wouldn't be noticeable in every day circumstances.
ooohh I love to watch shows like that so I can spot the flaws......drives my hubby nuts!...but then again I do it with all tv shows.....:rolleyes:....Glad I'm not the only one who looks too !:)
half the time when I am watching telly all I am watching are the nails lmao!
A lot of the bad nails that you see on these channels is due to the fact that they used to sell the rio gel nail kits (don't know if they still do)
so they are unqualified people working on each others or their own nails,
if they went a salon for them doing or had a qualified tech on set using good products they would look far nicer
I don't actually watch these Shopping Channels........but I do always notice peoples nails on TV.
I think on the whole most are good.

The only set of enhancements on TV that annoy me at the moment are Rosie Websters on Coronation ST...too long & too white!!
Then again as her character is a 16 year old strumpet they do seem appropriate!! :lol:

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